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Who is Talia Mallay Based on? Is Anna’s Invention Available On Netflix?

Who is Talia Mallay Based on? Anna Sorokin, aka Ana Delvey, is a high-class con artist who rubs elbows with some of New York City’s wealthiest in the Netflix series ‘Inventing Anna’. The miniseries depicts Anna’s meteoric climb as she contacts increasingly wealthy and influential individuals, thereby establishing her own apparent legitimacy.

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Talia Mallay, an art collector and brand owner, is among the first to introduce Anna to a luxurious lifestyle. Talia is initially impressed by our confident con artist’s interpretation of a Cindy Sherman photograph. Due to the fact that much of the show is based on actual events, we decided to find out if Talia Mallay from ‘Inventing Anna’ was a real person. Here’s what we discovered.

Who is Talia Mallay?

Talia Mallay is one of Inventing Anna’s numerous wealthy and well-known characters. Talia met Anna during an art exhibition in New York, where Anna was overheard raving about her icy demeanour. Anna attended the exhibition with one of her favourite Cindy Sherman interpretations. Anna was able to gain Talia’s favour with her condescending tone and commanding appearance.

Who is Talia Mallay Based on a Real Person?

Therefore, it is unknown whether or not Talia Mallay is based on a real person. However, it seems likely that the character is based on fact, given that most of the other characters in “Inventing Anna” have a real-world equivalent.

Who is Talia Mallay Based on

Anna Sorokin thrived on enlarging her social circle, and Talia Mallay’s real-life counterpart may have been one of the many people the opportunistic socialite befriended.

Talia initially ridicules Anna’s painting, but after forming an instant connection with her, she purchases the same piece. Anna and Talia are observed after the exhibition visiting various locations and engaging in expensive shopping sprees.

It is true that Talia is one of the few individuals whose doubts about the girl have been proven correct. Vivian finds herself staring at Anna’s portrait at Talia’s apartment years later while investigating her case.

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The Netflix Miniseries Heavily Inspired by Jessica Pressler

However, it is more difficult to identify real-world parallels for the character Talia Mallay. The Netflix miniseries is heavily inspired by Jessica Pressler’s 2018 New York Magazine piece, which portrays a handful of real-life characters (such as Neff, Rachel, and “the trainer”).

Who is Talia Mallay Based on

Nonetheless, Talia appears to be an addition to the programme that was influenced by another source. It is likely that the affluent lifestyle brand proprietor symbolises a real person who communicated with Anna but wishes to remain anonymous.

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SoHo Con Artist

The character of Talia Mallay could be a composite of multiple real-life individuals that Anna met at some point. According to what we know about the “SoHo con artist’s” lifestyle, she frequently travelled the globe (usually on someone else’s dime).

Thus, the portion of the show in which Talia invites Anna to a luxurious yacht in Ibiza is plausible. However, the identity of the possible real person is concealed by the fictional character Talia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Author Of Anna’s Invention?

Carolyn Ingber, Nicholas Nardini, Jessica Pressler, and Shonda Rhimes authored Inventing Anna.

What Other Shows Are Similar to Inventing Anna?

You can also watch The Dropout, The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window, Anatomy of a Scandal, Pieces of Her, Ozark, The Tinder Swindler, The Staircase, Bridgerton, etc. if you enjoyed Inventing Anna.

Is Anna’s Invention Available On Netflix?

Yes, you can stream Inventing Anna on Netflix.

Can I Watch Inventing Anna on HBO Max?

On HBO Max, Inventing Anna is not available.

What Is the Slogan for the film Inventing Anna?

The tagline of Inventing Anna is Inspired by a complete fabrication.

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