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Who is Song Joong-Ki Wife? When Did They Meet?

Who is Song Joong-Ki Wife? South Korean actor Song Joong-Ki is widely recognized. Since joining the cast of the popular South Korean variety show “Running Man” in the late 2000s, he has become one of the most famous and successful performers in the country.

Do you want to know who Song Joong-Ki’s wife is because you are a diehard fan? Then you have arrived at the correct location! Read this article to learn more about Song Joong-Ki’s wife.

Who is Song Joong-Ki Wife?

Last year, it was announced that South Korean star Song Joong Ki is dating a British actor, which generated quite a stir in the media. Recently, Song Joong-Ki again made headlines by announcing his second wedding.

The new wife of Song Joong-Ki is Katy Louis. He informed his fans of this in a letter. In addition to the news of his marriage, he announced that the newlyweds were expecting a child.

He said: “I greet you today because I wish to impart a promise that is more joyful and valuable to me than anything else. I’ve committed to continue living with Katy Louise Saunders, who has supported me and with whom I’ve spent quality time while cherishing her.

She has a generous nature and has spent her life with vigor. She is such a wise and remarkable individual that I respect her. I am becoming a better person because of her.”

Who is Song Joong-Ki Wife

When Did Song Joong Ki and Katy Louise Saunders Meet?

Katy Louise Saunders entered the world on July 21, 1984. Katy attended Milan, Italy’s famous Bocconi University. She had studied in Rome before.

Thanks to a mutual contact, Joong Ki and Vincenzo met for the first time in Italy after Joong Ki completed filming Vincenzo. Since then, they have been inseparable and frequently spotted together. Fans are pleased to see them together!

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Who is Song Joong-Ki First Wife?

Song Hye-Kyo was the wife of Song Joong-Ki. They tied the marriage in 2017; however, in 2019, they stated they were no longer together. Song Hye-Kyo is also well-known in South Korean performing circles.

Her quick ascent to fame was mostly due to her performances in popular Korean dramas from the early 2000s, including “Autumn in My Heart,” “All In,” and “Full House.”

Since then, she has carved out a position for herself as one of the most well-known and talented actors in South Korea, and she has been honored with several accolades for her work in the field. Their admirers were devastated upon hearing the news of their breakup.

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