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Who Is Ryan Garcia’s Baby Momma?

Who is the mother of Ryan Garcia’s child? In 2021, Ryan Garcia, a pro boxer, won the WBC Interim lightweight title. The young boxer was ranked as the sixth-best active lightweight in the world later in 2022. Ryan Garcia started boxing when he was only seven years old, and he once said that he wanted to represent the U.S. in the 2016 Olympics.

Ryan Garcia soon set a record by becoming the first person to win 15 national amateur titles. He also set a record for the most wins by an amateur. Garcia’s boxing career has been very successful, so in 2019 he signed a new five-year contract with Golden Boy Promotions.

Ryan Garcia’s personal life has been in the news a lot since a video of him kissing a TikTok quickly went viral. Is Ryan Garcia single? Let’s find out who gave birth to Ryan Garcia’s baby.

Who is Ryan Garcia’s Baby Momma?

Ryan Garcia’s kids have two moms. With Catherine Gamez, he has a 3-year-old daughter named Rylie.

Ryan and Gamez broke up after Rylie was born in 2019. Gamez said that Rylie went to her first boxing match at her dad’s last fight in Texas and had a lot of fun.

Drea Celina is the mother of Ryan Garcia’s second child. The two have kept most of their relationship out of the public eye.

However, when a video of the boxer kissing someone else went viral, the media started to pay attention. Ryan Garcia once said in an interview that he likes Selena Gomez and talked about taking her out and protecting her.


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Ryan Garcia is a loving dad who is often seen spending quality time with his kids. The professional boxer doesn’t talk about his personal life in the news. He was seen kissing someone, so it is thought that he did cheat on his ex-girlfriend.

Did Ryan Garcia Cheat On Drea Celina?

Ryan Garcia, an American professional boxer, made headlines when it was said that he had cheated on his fiancee with singer Malu Trevejo. The boxer was caught by paparazzi when he was having a nice time with Trevejo and other friends at a fancy Los Angeles restaurant called N10.


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As soon as the video of the two of them hugging, kissing, and laughing went viral, Ryan’s baby momma, Drew Celine, seemed to throw shade at the professional boxer.

Later, Drea Celina put her down, and her boyfriend said that she went to see her family and that Ryan told her he had been working hard to get ready for this fight, but then Instagram showed her this video.

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Malu Trevejo Opens Up About Ryan Garcia

Malu Trevejo got criticized after the kissing video quickly went viral. Soon, the TikTok star talked about the rumors herself and said that she didn’t know Ryan was engaged. She also talked to Celina and said that the boxer had told her in messages that he and Celina were not together.


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Malu, on the other hand, said that she kissed Ryan because she liked him. She also said that she was with him and that she was listening to everything Ryan said. Trevejo later showed a private conversation between the two people in which they talked about the viral event.

Even Ryan Garcia talked about the video, saying that he and Malu went there as friends and got caught up in the moment, but there isn’t anything else there.

Garcia also said that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone and that it was just a part of his life. The pro boxer ended by saying that he would not talk about what happened again.

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