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Who is Rick Glassman Dating? Unraveling His Current Relationship

With whom does Rick Glassman go out? Want to know who Rick Glassman dates? Find out about his past relationships and learn about his journey as a comedian and his most famous parts on TV and in movies.
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Who is Rick Glassman Dating?

Rick Glassman, a comedian and show host, is not in a relationship as of the year 2023. In a radio episode from that month, he said that he was single again, which meant that he had broken up with his girlfriend at the time, Betty. The details of how they broke up were never talked about, so the people didn’t know why they broke up.

When Betty was on Rick’s show in July 2022, she talked about how they first met and how their relationship began. In early 2020, Rick sent Betty a direct message (DM) on Instagram. This was the start of their trip. Betty said that they knew each other, which is how Rick found her picture. But at first, she refused his advances because she didn’t want to date a comedian. She was worried that something funny could be made out of her personal life on stage.

Betty’s mood changed when she spent the evening with a close friend, which made her feel better. Then she chose to answer Rick’s messages, which were made up of a bunch of purple umbrella emojis. This apparently small action helped Betty get over her initial hesitations, and the two of them started talking often, including through phone calls and FaceTime.

During the time they spent together, Rick’s autism diagnosis came up, which happened early on in their relationship. She liked that he was honest about his diagnosis and that it made her feel like she could trust him. Even though Rick was said to be a bit grumpy over the phone, they agreed to give their relationship a try. In April 2022, Rick told his listeners on one of his podcasts that he was once again single.

Who is Rick Glassman Dating

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Even though he told his audience about this, he didn’t go into specifics about the breakup because he wanted to keep that part of his life private. Rick Glassman isn’t known to be dating anyone right now. He just broke up with Betty, who talked about how they met and how things went at the beginning of their relationship on Rick’s show in July 2022.

Rick Glassman and Esther Povitsky Relationship

Rick Glassman and fellow comedian Esther Povitsky’s relationship took a funny turn when they talked about their new show, “Rick & Esther Have a Time.” Esther joked that she and Rick were dating in a teaser trailer for the show, and Rick went along with the joke. This playful back-and-forth led to a number of funny exchanges that included sex jokes and funny facial expressions. Their on-screen relationship made it look like two close brothers who were always making fun of each other.

But it’s important to remember that the claim that Rick and Esther were dating was part of a joke they did to promote their show. It didn’t mean that they were actually dating. Esther Povitsky is actually going to marry the artist Dave King. Esther didn’t talk about her connection with Dave on social media before the COVID-19 pandemic. But during the lockdown, she started showing glimpses of their relationship, like funny videos of Dave making fun of her sarcasm and failure to name famous movies.

Esther and Dave seem to have a good sense of fun and a strong bond in their relationship. They both have a dog named Donut and in April 2022, they moved into a beautiful home that had been remodeled.

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As a joke to get people interested in their show, the idea that Rick Glassman was dating Esther Povitsky was put out there. Esther is actually engaged to the writer Dave King, with whom she has a loving and fun relationship.

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