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Who is Replacing Frank Ocean at Coachella?

People want to know who will take Frank Ocean’s place at Coachella. Scroll down to see who is going to Coachella instead of Frank Ocean.

Who is Replacing Frank Ocean at Coachella?

Variety says that Blink-182 will take over as the lead act for Coachella Weekend 2 instead of Frank Ocean. During Weekend 1, the band surprised their fans by saying that Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker would all be back together for a new tour.

This was the first time the three had played together in almost a decade. Tom DeLonge, who plays guitar and sings, posted a picture of the band’s set at the desert event on Instagram.

Mark Hoppus, who was fighting cancer in 2021, also wrote about their meeting on Instagram, saying how thankful he was to be able to play with his friends again. Hoppus tweeted about their show after they played, and Barker tweeted, “Coachella we came.”

Why Did Frank Ocean Pull Out of Coachella?

Frank Ocean pulled out of being the main act at the second weekend of the Coachella music event, his representatives said on Wednesday.

This was because of three injuries to his left leg: two broken bones and a sprain. On Sunday, after Bjork, it was reported that Ocean would be taking Ocean’s place on the main stage. During the first weekend, Blink-182 played to a huge crowd.

Who is Replacing Frank Ocean at Coachella?

On the new list that was tweeted out on Thursday, Blink-182 will be followed by a band that hasn’t been named yet. Tom DeLonge, the original guitarist, and singer of Blink-182 was the first to tell people about their Sunday night show. He did this on his Instagram account, but the post was quickly taken down.

Ocean’s reps say that the artist had planned to play at first, even though he hurt himself on the event grounds before the first weekend. But because he hurt his leg, doctors have told him not to act on the second weekend.

What Happened to Frank Ocean at Coachella?

Frank Ocean, who is 35 years old, played at the Coachella music event on April 16. There were problems with the production, though. The “Pink + White” artist had originally planned to have an ice rink and skaters on stage, but that idea was thrown out the day of the show.

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Variety says that instead, he showed up late and played a different version of several of his songs. The outlet also said that most of the crowd couldn’t see the show because, unlike most Coachella sets, it wasn’t live-streamed.

Ocean didn’t say at the time that he had hurt himself over the weekend. But in a message to Variety that was sent out by his representatives on Wednesday, he said he was sorry about what happened.

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