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Who Is NLE Choppa Baby Momma?

NLE Choppa has become a big name among young rap fans. This rapper doesn’t need a start. He has done very well for himself at a young age. His music is a huge hit, and millions of people watch it on YouTube. He was even called one of the most popular rappers of 2019.

When Choppa was in school, he was very interested in rapping. He would hang out with his school friends and freestyle. He started rapping when he was barely 15. He was going to be very successful in a short amount of time.

NLE’s love life has kept him in the news. His love life has been full of ups and downs. From his first marriage, NLE has a daughter. But he broke up with her, and the rest of the story was full of drama.

NLE Choppa Career

NLE had a great year in 2018 because he wrote a lot of singles. Young people liked his style and music. But when “Shotta Flow” came out, it changed everything for him. This was his first hit, and it made it to the Billboard Hot 100.


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The single was at the top of the charts for a long time. People often wonder what NLE stands for. What does that abbreviation mean? Well, it means that they don’t care about entertainment.

Choppa says that this was the idea of some of his Memphis-based artist friends. He wanted to be very successful.

NLE Choppa and Mariah’s Ugly Relationship

NLE was in a relationship with Mariah in the past. NLE and Mariah did PDA all the time. Both of them got tattoos to show how much they liked each other. NLE said that Mariah was a lucky person to be in his life.

Choppa and Mariah were together for a while, but they broke up at the end of 2019. After they broke up, there was a lot of bad drama. Mariah got pregnant with a child from Choppa. After the breakup, the child’s future was not clear.


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NLE was very angry that Mariah didn’t tell him she was pregnant. He asked on Twitter if he could find out his child’s name at least. NLE says that Mariah didn’t even want the baby to come into the world.

She wanted to get rid of the child. The rapper said that Mariah made it hard for him to meet his daughter. In fact, there were rumors that he shot at Mariah’s house out of anger.

Choppa said he only wanted to see how his girl was doing. By not letting Choppa meet his daughter, Mariah was making things worse.

Choppa even wrote on Twitter that not letting a parent meet his child was the worst thing ever. Clover is Choppa’s daughter, and she lives with her mother right now.

Is Marrissa NLE Choppa’s Baby Momma?

Last year, NLE Choppa was thrilled to tell everyone that he was going to be a father soon. Marissa, his new girlfriend, was going to have a boy. They chose the name Seven Da’Shun Potts for him.

But bad things were in store for both of them. When they found out that their son had died because of a miscarriage, it broke their hearts.


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Marissa went on YouTube to tell everyone about her pregnancy and the sad loss. Marrisa said it was difficult to talk about all of this. But she was lucky that Choppa was there for her the whole time. It helped him get over what had happened.

Marrisa talked about how many women have to go through hard times that can hurt them emotionally. Her goal in telling everyone was to make people aware of the situation.

NLE Choppa said that her girlfriend Marissa found out she was pregnant during a regular checkup. The baby wasn’t getting enough food and wasn’t doing well.

Doctors told them they would have all the help they needed, but the baby was soon found to have fetal growth restriction, which is a fatal condition.

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Is NLE Choppa Still Dating Marissa?

The most recent news about their relationship is that they are no longer together. This split was caused by NLE. He tweeted about his breakup with a lot of pride. He said that he was happy and that he liked being single.

Marissa wasn’t happy about the breakup, so she posted a video of herself crying about it. She said that she put everything she had into the relationship but got nothing back.

NLE made it clear that it was best for both of them to end the relationship. NLE is enjoying and celebrating different career milestones right now. NLE and his ex-wife, Mariah, are still fighting over who gets to keep their daughter.

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