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Who Is Marla Mindelle’s Partner? Is She Dating Anyone In 2023?

Who does Marla Mindelle go out with? Marla Mindelle’s work on Broadway brought her a lot of fame and money. She played Sister Mary Robert in the 2011 musical version of the hit movie Sister Act. Sister Mary Robert is a talented singer who finds her voice in the choir. Mindelle played the role of the nun.

That part was Marla’s big break, and she went on to play Gabrielle, the stepsister, in Cinderella by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Later this year, Marla Mindelle appeared on several TV sitcoms as a guest star, including Life in Pieces and The Great Indoors.

The Broadway star was recently seen in the Netflix show Special as Olivia, the boss. In her new play, Marla Mindelle plays the famous singer Celine Dion.

She said that the play is a tribute to Céline in as many ways as possible. She also said that there are some very specific parts that only fans of Celine Dion will understand. Let’s learn everything we can about Marla Mindelle’s partner.

Who Is Marla Mindelle’s Partner?

Marla Mindelle’s current boyfriend is unknown, but she used to date Kate McKinnon, a former SNL cast member.

A while ago, the two started dating rumours, which they soon confirmed by taking a selfie at the Emmys and posting pictures of themselves travelling together on social media. Mindelle and Kate were able to keep their relationship from getting a lot of attention from the media.


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When they played together in the short-lived band “Indigo Squirrels,” they set some cute couple goals. We shouldn’t forget that Marla Mindelle said on Wednesday that Kate is her Woman Cat. But they broke up in the end because the SNL alum was reportedly dating Jackie Abbott. The reason why Marla and Kate broke up is still not known.

Marla Mindelle Plays the Role of Celine Dion in Titanique Musical Parody!

In the new Titanique Musical Parody, Marla Mindelle plays the role of Celine Dion. In addition to Mindelle, Constantine Rousouli plays Jack and John Riddle plays Cal in the Broadway play.

Donnie Hammond and Dimitri Moise are also in the impressive cast ensemble. Here’s a fun GIF based on the latest play by Marla Mindelle.


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As the play opens at Off-The Broadway’s Asylum Theatre on its return to New York, previews began in June. As the name of the play suggests, it is based on the famous box office hit movie directed by James Cameron. It is said that the shows will go on until September 25.

Mindelle talked about her role and said that she pretended to be a quirky ingenue from a French-Canadian planet. She also said that she pretended to be shocked but was really happy to have such a big chance.

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Marla Mindelle Opens Up About Her Newest Role

As Marla Mindelle wows the crowd with her Céline Dion impression, the actor says that what makes Céline Dion so great is that she loves life so much and is so happy and grateful to be living it.

Mindelle says that she tries to be as much like Céline Dion as she can. Mindelle has been able to copy both Dion’s speaking voice and her singing voice, making her sound like the singer.


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The Broadway star said that it’s not how she acts or that she wrote it, but how she sounds, that gives her the most anxiety about the whole thing. The Broadway veteran added more hours to the fact that Celine Dion is the best singer in the world.

She thinks of herself as the Pennsylvania girl who grew up idolizing the music legend and calls Celine Dion her idol. The play starring Mindelle is already getting a lot of attention, and many people are calling it the best summer play to see because it has such a great cast.

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