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Who Is Mark Steel’s Partner?

Who does Mark Steel go out with? Most likely not! Yes, we’re talking about the stand-up comedian who is in the news because he or she has ties to the royal family.

Well, that’s not what we’re talking about today. People have been wondering lately if Mark has a special someone in his life. How do you feel? Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Mark Steel is.

Mark Steel is not only good at comedy, but he is also a professional author, newspaper columnist, and radio and TV host. Mark is 62 years old. He was born in 1960 and grew up in Swanley. Not to forget to say, Alexei Sayle had a big impact on him.

Mark Steel has been on many shows, like “Have I Got News for You,” “Question Time,” “Mock the Week,” and many more. The year was 2017. He made the same amount when he began his show. Everything is going to be all right.

The Mark Steel Revolution, Mark Steel’s in Town, Dedicated Troublemaker, and The Mark Steel Lectures are some of the shows he has done. Mark Steel contributed to the audiobook Who do I think I am? last year, which makes him an author. Reasons to Be Happy and It’s Not a Runner Bean are two of his other books.

When it comes to Mark Steel’s past, he was married to Natasha Steel. Both had the same number of kids. So, they split up in 2016. What’s he doing now? If you want to know about Mark Steel’s girlfriend, here’s what we know.

Meet Mark Steel’s Partner

Mark Steel’s partner, or the person he likes, is Shaparak Khorsandi. What is her name? If you are wondering this, Shaparak is also a professional comedian. You may know her as Shappi. Most of her comedy is either “black,” “observational,” or “deadpan.”


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Mark Steel’s partner, Shappi, is majorly known for her works- Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and Live at the Apollo. Little did you know, Shappi also participated in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! (British series 17). (British series 17).

Just like Mark, his girlfriend has also penned down a few books. It was in 2021 when she launched- Kissing Emma.

What makes them stay together? Well, Mark Steel and Shappi Khorsandi are said to have the same sense of humor. Mark and Shappi haven’t been seen together in a while. We don’t know how they met each other either.


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Last year, Mark Steel’s girlfriend quit her tour and was in the news for a while. Why? So, she decided to spend more time with her family. Shappi wrote on this note, “I just wasn’t seeing enough of my kids, and I couldn’t take it any longer.”

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Mark Steel and the woman he likes, Shappi Khorsandi, never talk about what they have going on. So, nothing much is known. Still, whenever they were asked about their significant others on social media or in interviews, both praised them. That’s always a good sign, and it shows how much love there is between the two.

You didn’t know this, but Shappi Khorsandi, Mark Steel’s partner, used to be married to the comedian Christian Reilly. Together, they have a daughter. She is a great mother who is always ready to take care of her kids, and it seems like that is her top priority, even more than her job.


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Mark Steel and Shappi Khorsandi are both very busy, but they still find time to spend together. Neither of the comedic couples has talked about their plans to get married. So, we shouldn’t think that will happen any time soon.

We wish Mark Steel the best for the rest of his life. Mark has a Twitter account where you can follow him to get more news. I hope that Mark Steel and Shappi Khorsandi will always be as close as they are now.

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