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Who is Lainey Wilson Dating? Who Has She Dated in the Past?

Who is Lainey Wilson dating? Here’s what we know about the romantic life of the ‘Yellowstone’ star and country music singer-songwriter. Lainey Wilson is a talent that continues to shine brightly in the modern country music genre. The Yellowstone actor and singer-songwriter is noted for poignant songs that span the gap between old Southern rock, classic rock, and modern-day pop, giving rise to her own distinct style.

Lainey has had several popular songs over the years, including “Things a Man Oughta Know,” which garnered her the 2022 ACM Award for Song of the Year. Given that all eyes are on Lainey in music and on the small screen, people want to get to know her better. And, of course, it includes learning about her love life. So, who is Lainey Wilson now dating? Here’s the lowdown on her romantic life.

Lainey Wilson is Dating Devlin “Duck” Hodges”

When it comes to love relationships, consistency is everything! Lainey Wilson is officially off the dating market, according to People. Devlin “Duck” Hodges, a former Pittsburgh Steelers player, is the singer’s boyfriend.

Interestingly, Devlin has been quietly expressing his feelings for Lainey on social media for quite some time. Throughout the first half of 2023, Devlin retweeted a large number of messages admiring Lainey’s creativity. Devlin, on the other hand, swiftly transitioned from an admirer to a potential suitor, as proven on April 19, 2023.

Devlin reposted a tweet from the iHeartCountry account, which included photographs of different country music singers, including Lainey, and asked followers which singer’s direct messages they would open. Devlin, of course, revealed that Lainey was his pick.

who is lainey wilson dating

Not to note, Devlin shared a fan’s tweet about Lainey wearing his jersey at a performance in April 2023. He then made his intentions clear by tweeting for her to yell at him. Devlin then tweeted, “Shooting my shot,” which basically tells a person that someone is romantically interested in them.

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Surprisingly, Lainey responded to his tweet showing interest with, “This is me hollering.” “Oh my God,” Devlin exclaimed after retweeting. Hello.” Lainey and Devlin made their first red carpet-appearance as a pair at the 58th Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday, May 7, 2023. We admire men who are persistent.

Who Has Lainey Wilson Previously Dated?

If you’re seeking information about Lainey’s past relationships, we have poor news for you. In the past, Lainey was known for keeping her personal life private. Therefore, no public information exists regarding her ex-boyfriend. In addition, most individuals delay declaring their relationship status until they feel secure and comfortable with their companion.

This strongly suggests that Lainey was not sincere about her previous relationships. Going red carpet official is a major accomplishment! We wish Lainey and Devlin the best of luck in their relationship.\

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