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Who’s Captured Jennifer Garner’s Heart? A Look at Her Dating Life!

In our article, we delve into everything you need to know about Jennifer Garner’s longtime boyfriend and who she’s currently dating. Garner, known for her acclaimed acting career and philanthropic efforts, has been romantically linked to businessman and CEO John Miller since 2018.

Miller, the CEO of Cali Group, brings a different dimension to Garner’s life with his expertise in the tech industry. Despite keeping their relationship relatively private, their bond has been evident through occasional public appearances and shared interests.

As Garner navigates Hollywood and motherhood, Miller remains a supportive presence, adding stability and companionship to her life. With both individuals carving successful paths in their respective fields, their relationship continues to intrigue fans and media alike.

Who Is Jennifer Garner Dating?

Jennifer Garner has a man in her life, folks! Since April 2018, she’s been seeing boyfriend John Miller, and according to some insiders, their relationship is quite different from her ex-husband Ben Affleck’s with Jennifer Lopez. Unlike the high-profile Hollywood scene, Garner appreciates Miller’s low-key approach, as he shies away from the limelight. 

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The couple opts for a more understated existence, avoiding the spotlight and the pressure to conform to celebrity norms. Instead, they find happiness in their quiet bond, unaffected by external validation.

This contrasts sharply with Affleck and Lopez’s more publicized relationship dynamics. Garner and Miller’s relationship thrives on simplicity, focusing on their connection rather than societal expectations. As we delve into their dynamic, it’s evident that their love story is defined by authenticity and mutual respect, setting them apart in the world of celebrity romance.

The Intriguing Story of John

Meet John, the CEO of CaliBurger and its parent company, CaliGroup. Prior to his venture into business, John served as the VP of intellectual property at Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals from 2004 to 2010.

Impressively, he holds a law degree from Stanford Law School, adding a legal dimension to his entrepreneurial prowess. Raised in Los Angeles, John’s Californian roots run deep, having pursued his undergraduate studies at the University of Redlands.

John’s personal life also draws interest. He married Caroline in 2005, but their divorce proceedings began in 2014 and concluded in 2018. With two children from his previous marriage, John shares a common ground with Jennifer Garner, who also has three children from her previous marriage with Ben Affleck.

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Their shared experiences in co-parenting have reportedly strengthened their bond since they began dating in 2018, shortly after their respective divorces were finalized. Despite a brief breakup in August 2020, sources suggest that John and Jennifer’s relationship remains strong, with their families even meeting for the first time in April 2022.


In conclusion, John’s journey from law school to business leadership paints a picture of a multifaceted individual. As the CEO of CaliBurger and CaliGroup, he exemplifies entrepreneurial success, coupled with a background in intellectual property.

His Californian upbringing and legal expertise add depth to his persona, while his personal life, marked by divorce and co-parenting, demonstrates resilience and adaptation. Despite challenges, John’s relationship with Jennifer Garner underscores a shared commitment to family and growth.

Their recent milestone of blending their families reflects a promising future. Through it all, John’s story resonates as a testament to the complexities of life and the possibilities that arise when one navigates them with determination and grace.

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