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Who is Jackie La Bonita?

Who is Jackie La Bonita?

After seeing Jackie La Bonita’s viral video, a lot of people wanted to know who she is. This story tells about Jackie La Bonita and her viral video.

Who is Jackie La Bonita?

Jackie is a TikTok star and content creator from Texas. Her videos have been liked over 12.4 million times and she has 248.6k friends. She says on Instagram, where she has 28,000 followers, that she is a funny Scorpio and makes videos.

Her TikTok bio says she is from Texas and has a shopping addiction. Most of her videos are hauls, makeup, and haircut tutorials. Jackie’s most popular posts are tutorials about beauty brands like Urban Decay and BaBylissPRO and shopping trips to famous stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.

What is Jackie La Bonita Famous for?

Jackie La Bonita recently got a lot of attention for taking photos at a Houston Astros game. She is a well-known TikToker who is making waves on many social media sites.

She got a lot of attention when she posted a video of two women making fun of her for taking pictures at a Houston Astros game. The video quickly went viral and has been watched more than 20 million times. Even a famous person heard about what happened and said what they thought about it.

Jackie La Bonita Tiktok

Jackie La Bonita recently got a lot of attention on social media when she said that two women she didn’t know made fun of her for taking photos at a Houston Astros game.

The TikToker shared a video of herself at the game posing for pictures. In the background, one of the other girls started laughing and making funny poses. Jackie said in the video that after the two strangers made fun of her, she lost her confidence.

The girls kept making funny faces and laughing, which made Jackie feel weird. As of right now, Jackie has turned off the comments on the video that went popular and hasn’t said anything else about what happened. She did, however, post a number of photos from the game with the caption “Sporty spice.”

According to well-known sources, after Jackie La Bonita’s TikTok video went popular, the ex-boyfriend of one of the girls in the video spoke out about it. He supported the girls and asked people not to say bad things about them on social media.

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He asked for kindness instead. He was surprised that people who had nothing to do with the situation were being bullied online, and he was upset that a company that had nothing to do with the situation was shut down.

On Twitter, people are talking about the video, and even celebrities like Cardi B have weighed in. Some people on Twitter were upset by what the girls did and called for more happiness and support for women.

Others criticized the hate and doxxing that happened online because of the event. They saw it as a sign of how toxic and intolerant modern society is.

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