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Is ‘How We Roll’ a True Story? Season 1 of ‘How We Roll’ Premiered on CBS on March 31, 2022

Mark Gross’ latest CBS sitcom, How We Roll, chronicles the extraordinary life of Tom Smallwood, a native of Flushing, Michigan, who began a second career as a professional bowler after being laid off from a neighboring General Motors factory on Christmas Eve, 2008.

Tom, an avid bowling enthusiast, placed third in a qualifying competition in May 2009, and the rest, as they say, is history. The first season of How We Roll follows Tom’s meteoric climb to fame.

Is ‘How We Roll’ a True Story?

Indeed, How We Roll is based on the life of Tom Smallwood. Tom, who was born in Flushing, Michigan in November 1977, began bowling at age 14. ABC News reports that he met his wife, Jennifer Smallwood (formerly Jennifer De Veaux), through the sport.

Jen stated, “I was bowling in a ladies’ classic league.” “Tom was bowling as well, and we were just sitting across from one another when I dialed his number… I believe I anticipated marrying a bowler due to the fact that I bowled and my family bowled.”

When Tom was laid off from his regular job at a car manufacturer in Pontiac, Michigan, the family’s fortunes took a turn for the worst. Tom recognized that he could become a professional bowler when he was forced to obtain supplemental income.

As he said to ABC News, participating in the first several competitions was both costly and difficult. They gathered together enough money for him to attend the Professional Bowlers Tour qualifying school, which changed Tom’s life.

Tom stated, “All my hopes and dreams were pinned on that one week because it only occurs once a year.” There is only one opportunity every year.

He qualified to compete on the Professional Bowlers Tour. He quickly won his first PBA Tour championship, defeating Wes Malott, the 2008 and 2009 Player of the Year. As a result of winning $50,000 and a two-year tour exemption, his ascent to international recognition began.

who is how we roll based on

Season 1 of ‘how We Roll’ Premiered on CBS on March 31, 2022

The first season of How We Roll follows Tom’s meteoric rise from factory worker to the pro bowler with a distinct sense of flair and an unmatched ability to teach the pros how it’s done.

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The first several episodes focus on Tom’s early career, while also shedding light on his relationship with his devoted wife, Jen. Katie Lowes portrays Jen, while Pete Holmes portrays Tom.

What is the Release Date of How We Roll?

CBS has not yet announced a precise date for the premiere of the “How We Rollpilot “‘s episode. However, according to Deadline, the show will broadcast midseason as part of CBS’s 2021-2022 schedule, suggesting that it would likely premiere between January and May of 2022, with other CBS shows such as the recent blockbuster spin-off “NCIS: Hawaii.”

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However, it appears that some aspects of the show’s production are still in flux. CBS has made the decision to reduce the number of episodes ordered for the first season from 13 to 11. In addition, the show’s initial name, “Smallwood,” was recently changed to “How We Roll,” according to Deadline. Those awaiting the release of the show will have to wait longer to see how the logistics play out, but given that the pilot has already been shot and CBS has commissioned a series, the premiere looks soon.

who is how we roll based on

Who is in the Cast of How We Roll?

Tom Smallwood will be portrayed by comedian Pete Holmes, who is most known for his role as the lead in the cult comedy series “Crashing.” Katie Lowes (“Ralph Breaks the Internet,” “Zootopia”) will play Jen, Smallwood’s wife, and Chi McBride (“Hawaii Five-0,” “I, Robot”) will play his bowling coach Archie.

Julie White (“Big Mouth,” “Transformers”) was also just revealed as a series regular and will play Smallwood’s widowed mother Helen, a figure described by Deadline as “frozen.”

However, viewers should not expect to see her in this capacity in the pilot, as the character was played by an unknown guest actress in one episode alone. Judy Kain (“The Odd Couple”), Dominic Pace (“The Mandalorian”), and Frank Gallegos (“Logan”) will each feature in at least one episode, per the show’s IMDb profile.

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