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Who Is Erykah Badu’s Baby Daddy?

Who is Erykah Badu’s baby daddy? Erykah Badu became a well-known record producer, singer-songwriter, and actress after her first album, Baduizm, came out in the late 1990s. The artist was soon put on the map of the neo-soul movement because the album was a big hit. Her fans called her the “Queen of Neo Soul” because of how well-known she was.

Live, Badu’s first live album, came out in November 1997, and the RIAA gave it a double Platinum rating. Madlib recently said that his work with Erykah Badu has been getting better. He also said that he and Erykah have just started working on an album, but they have a lot of music that hasn’t been released yet. Find out who the father of Erykah Badu’s child is.

Who is Erykah Badu’s Baby Daddy?

Erykah Badu has three baby daddies. Andre 3000, who Badu dated in the mid-1990s, is the father of her first child. DOC is the father of her second child. Jay Electronica is the father of Badu’s youngest child, Mars Merkaba Thedford. The trait showed that she thinks that God makes them fall in love just long enough to get pregnant so that they can have children.

The artist said that she hadn’t planned on having children with more than one man, but she won’t let that stop her from living a full life. She also said that no one would expect her to have three baby daddies. Still, these things don’t always mean that a person stops living.

Badu used this chance to talk about how people don’t stay together because they don’t get along. Still, it leads to lovers moving on to other people and getting married to them. Badu is often seen on social media with her kids, so it seems like she gets along well with them all.

A post with daughter Puma Curry Gaines got a lot of love from fans earlier. Still, many people said that the singer was taking advantage of her daughter’s sexuality by posting provocative photos of her and her teenage daughter.

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Erykah Badu Talks About Marriage!

Erykah Badu has talked about what she thinks about marriage. She says that marriage has been promoted as a cultural construct, that she doesn’t think it’s necessary for happiness, and that she doesn’t want to go through it because she doesn’t think it’s right for everyone. But the singer said that people fall in love because love is a chemical reaction, and that’s how it happens.


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The woman from Dallas also said that she might not be a bride because it doesn’t fit her. Badu also said that she thinks not everyone knows how to be a mate, but that it’s not because they don’t try. Instead, she thinks it’s because they aren’t taught how to do it, so even though it’s a big part of their culture, they don’t know how to do it.

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