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Who Is Amber Jepson Dating?

Amber Jepson isn’t afraid to brag on social media about her hot boyfriends and her beautiful curves. Boss Model Management, one of the best modeling agencies in the UK, represents the “five foot and a half” beauty. Jepson is said to have started hanging out with this actor after he bought a small stake in Bournemouth, a Premier League team.

Because of her sense of style, this model from Manchester has quickly become one of the most influential people on Instagram.

She goes all over the world and shows off how beautiful she is in her ridiculously famous bikini photos. The blonde model has worked with a lot of different fashion companies. This year, the Sun was the first to report that the well-known model was dating an actor.

Amber Jepson

Amber is a well-known online personality who has a live Instagram account where she talks about what it’s like to be a supermodel and blogger.

She worked with Jena Frumes, an artist and actress, on a photo shoot at the huge JD store. Jepson has about 300,000 followers on Instagram, where she often posts photos of herself in swimsuits and on trips around the world.

Jepson knew men like Emir Sejdic before he met Michael B. Jordan. People are skeptical about this marriage, though, because of the actor’s huge fame. Do you really have a point?


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Is Amber Jepson Dating The Black Panther Star?

According to rumors, actor Michael B. Jordan is dating British supermodel Amber Jepson. Since he and Lori Harvey split up in June 2022, MBJ hasn’t been seen with anyone. Supposedly, they are still in the “early stages” of their relationship.

When the first rumors came out about Amber’s relationship with Michael, she was often in the news. Michael and Amber haven’t said or shown anything about their relationship.

But ET has found out that Michael Jordan is not dating British actress Amber Jepson and is still single after breaking up with Lori Harvey in June, despite rumors to the contrary.

Even though Michael told everyone that Lori was the best thing in his life, their breakup shocked their fans. Harvey seems to be interested in the actor Damson Idris from the movie Snowfall. Jordan and Harvey said they were getting married in January 2022, but they broke up in June 2022.

The actor seems to be putting more of his attention on other things in his life right now, like his acting career, which is doing well. Washington also gave the magazine an exclusive quote about Michael and his first movie as a director. At the moment, it doesn’t look like Jepson is a good choice for Jordan, but only time will tell if this story is true.

Who Is Michael B. Jordan?

Jordan made his first appearance on TV as Wallace in the first season of The Wire, an HBO crime show.

He went to Newark Humanities Senior School, which is in Newark, New Jersey. His mother worked during this time. Before he decided to become an actor, Jordan worked as a fashion model for a number of companies, such as Modell’s athletic wear and Toys “R” Us.

In March 2003, he joined the cast of All My Children. He took over Chadwick Boseman’s role as Reggie Montgomery. Variety and People said that Jordan’s role in Fruitvale Station made him an actor that people would want to see.


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In Black Panther, a movie in the Avengers Cinematic Universe that came out in February 2018, he played the bad guy Erik Killmonger. With this project, Jordan and Coogler worked together for the third time.

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Creed III is a sequel to Creed II, and Jordan’s first time making a movie. He also plays the fighter Donnie Creed again in this movie. He will work with director Ryan Coogler for the fourth time on the movie Wrong Answer, which is about cheating at Atlanta Public Schools and is based on that event.

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