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Who is Amanda Abbington Married Too?

After a painful breakup with Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington finds love again in a whirlwind romance with Jonathan Goodwin. Even though they face terrible problems, they end up getting engaged.
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Who is Amanda Abbington Married Too?

Jonathan Goodwin is currently going out with Amanda Abbington. Amanda Abbington, a talented British actress who has been in big TV shows like “Mr. Selfridge” and “Sherlock,” used to be with actor Martin Freeman for a long time. Before they broke up in 2016, they had been together for 16 years and had two children.

Amanda met Jonathan Goodwin on social media after her relationship with Martin Freeman ended. They were friends for a decade before their friendship turned into something more. Jonathan Goodwin used to be an escapologist and daredevil. He became famous for his amazing acts on “Britain’s Got Talent” and “America’s Got Talent.”

After Amanda broke up with Martin and Jonathan got a divorce from his wife, they chose to date each other. Their friendship got stronger, and Jonathan asked Amanda to marry him when they met for the first time in person in Vienna. This idea came up within half an hour of the meeting, which shows how close they were.

Amanda and Jonathan stayed together even though they had problems, like when Jonathan had a bad accident that left him crippled. During a joint TV interview, they showed love and support for each other.

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Jonathan said that he had given Amanda a “get out of jail free” card after the accident, which made Amanda love him even more and want to stay by his side. According to what was written in the story, they were planning to get married in the summer of the year given.

Amanda Abbington and Katherine Parkinson

Both Amanda Abbington and Katherine Parkinson are well-known English actors who have done a lot of different things on stage and in movies. Amanda Abbington became famous for her role on the hit TV show “Sherlock.” In the six-part comedy series “The Family Pile,” she will play one of four sisters who are dealing with the death of their parents.

People have been captivated by her ability and charm, and this heartwarming production is looking forward to her wit and depth. On the other hand, Katherine Parkinson’s role as Jen Barber in the Channel 4 comedy show “The IT Crowd” made a big impression and earned her multiple awards and nominations, including a BAFTA Television Award for Best Female Comedy Performance.

Amanda Abbington Married

She is known for having a wide range, and she has also given great stage performances in plays like “The Seagull” and “Cock.” Parkinson is a standout in both TV and theater thanks to her acting skills and her ability to play roles that people can relate to. Both actresses have shown that they are skilled and versatile performers who can give their parts depth and realism.

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Their work in comedy and drama has won them praise from critics and a large group of loyal fans. With Amanda Abbington leading “The Family Pile” and Katherine Parkinson’s wide range of work, audiences can look forward to seeing these talented actresses continue to shine on stage and screen, entertaining and inspiring audiences with their compelling performances and interesting stories.

Who is Amanda Abbington Husband?

Amanda Abbington, a talented actress best known for her part as Mary Watson on the BBC show Sherlock, used to be with actor Martin Freeman for a long time. The couple dated for a long 16 years and even raised their two children, Joe and Grace, together, which was a lot of fun. But sadly, their relationship ended in 2016, and they chose to go their different ways.

Amanda’s mental health was hurt by the breakup, and she admitted that she hated herself and even thought about killing herself after the breakup. Jonathan Goodwin, a talent who is 42 years old and has been on America’s Got Talent, is now engaged to Amanda Abbington. After Amanda’s hard divorce from Martin Freeman, they started dating.

The couple fell in love quickly. After talking for hours every day for eight weeks, Jonathan proposed to Amanda only half an hour after they met for the first time in Vienna in August 2021, and she happily said yes. But tragedy struck in October 2021 when Jonathan was disabled in a dangerous stunt accident.

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Even though there have been problems, Amanda has never stopped loving and supporting Jonathan. The pair still plans to get married in the summer, and Amanda calls Jonathan her hero and a constant source of inspiration.

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