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Who is Ally Lewber? James Kennedy’s Girlfriend and a Rising Star in Entertainment Journalism

Who is Ally Lewber? James Kennedy, a British DJ, reality TV star, and former SUR restaurant worker on Bravo’s hit show Vanderpump Rules, has been in the entertainment business for a long time.

Fans are often interested in the personal lives of their favorite celebrities, even when the reality show isn’t showing any drama. The question “Who is James Kennedy’s current girlfriend?” comes up a lot.

This piece will talk about the latest news about James Kennedy’s love life and try to figure out who his current love interest is.

Who is James Kennedy Dating?

Ally Lewber and James Kennedy are in love. In January 2022, six weeks after Kennedy broke up with Raquel Leviss, a cast member of Vanderpump Rules, they started going out together.

Kennedy was the first person Lewber saw at the show by Tom Sandoval’s band The Most Extras. Even though it was their first time meeting, Lewber knew about Kennedy and Bravo’s famous reality show.

Who is Ally Lewber?

“I watched Beach Boss.” According to, Lewber told Andy Cohen, the show’s host, during the season 10 reunion, “During COVID, I fell down the Bravo rabbit hole.” Kennedy had done bad things in the past, but Lewber said, “Meeting him [was] different.”

“I gave him a chance to really show me who he is,” Leber said. “He’s lovely.”

In February 2022, Kennedy first talked about her relationship with Kent on the show Give Them Lala, which she co-hosted with Kent. He said at the time that he wasn’t ready for the cameras to see their new relationship just yet.

I’m taking my time with [Ally] this time. Kennedy told Lewber, “She gets to choose what she wants to do with that whole thing, and then I have to decide too.” “What I know for sure is that I’ll enjoy myself and do what I please.” To be honest.”

Her first show was Vanderpump Rules Season 10 in 2023. Since then, she and Kennedy have moved in together with their two cats and Kennedy’s dog Graham.

Who Is Ally Lewber?

On her website, Ally Lewber says that she is “a spiritual astrologer, model, and entertainment industry professional living in Los Angeles.” The sun is in Capricorn, the moon is in Libra, and Ally’s rising sign is Pisces. She says she has always been interested in the world since she was a kid.

She is currently working on “empowering her clients through natal astrology, giving them insights into their personal birth charts and planetary alignments to help them love and accept themselves more.”

Lewber went to Nashville’s Belmont University for school before moving to Los Angeles. Lewber states on her LinkedIn page that she earned her bachelor’s degree in 2018 with a major in entertainment industry studies and a minor in entertainment writing.

Who is Ally Lewber?

Lewber began going to Penn State in 2020 and spent two years studying how to predict the weather. The things she was most interested in were “synoptic/physical meteorology” and “analyzing/reading satellite/radar imagery.” Because she was interested in meteorology, it led her to her next job goal, which was astrology.

On her website, Lewber says that she is learning how to be a Hellenistic astrologer. She knows a lot about reading birth charts and making guesses based on them. She wants “natal astrology” to “empower her clients” and “help them love and accept themselves more deeply.”

Kennedy, on the other hand, was very proud of his wife. He told that Lewber’s horoscope business was on the rise and that she was getting in touch with many people around the world. “That’s going to be really cool.”

The Love Story of James Kennedy and Ally Lewber

They began dating right after James and Raquel said they were breaking up, which could have been at the end of 2021 or the start of 2022.

According to a person who works for James, “James just met Ally, and the two of them have been dating for a few months now.” “He’s happy and excited about the future right now.”

James first hinted that he was seeing someone new in a February 2022 episode of the Give Them Lala show. He joked at the time, “I’m kind of seeing someone.”

He said “I don’t know” when asked if his girlfriend would be on Vanderpump Rules. “I like this girl a lot.” He told me, “I don’t know.” “Let’s see what happens.” I can’t ask a girl to do that.

They told everyone on Instagram on March 15 that they were dating by posting some cute photos from their trip to Tulum, Mexico. They walked the red carpet for the first time at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards the following week.

Since then, they’ve been all over each other’s social media pages. They’ve shared photos from a trip to Jamaica, the MTV Movie Awards, and even a fight on Wild ‘N Out.

James seems to have met Ally’s family for Thanksgiving in 2022. He helped her have a great 27th birthday in January.

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James Kennedy, a British DJ, reality TV star, and former SUR restaurant worker on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules, is currently dating Ally Lewber. They met on the show six weeks after Kennedy broke up with Raquel Leviss.

Lewber, a spiritual astrologer and model, is working on empowering clients through natal astrology to help them love and accept themselves more deeply. Kennedy, who has done bad things in the past, said he was taken aback by meeting Kennedy during a season 10 reunion.

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