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Where is Sharon Murphy Now? Hbo Max Documentary About Brittany’s Death!

Where is Sharon Murphy Now? The tale of Sharon Murphy and her late daughter Brittany Murphy remains a terrifying read. HBO has released a documentary that sheds new light on the circumstances surrounding the death of American actress Brittany Murphy.

The popular belief that Brittany Murphy died of pneumonia and drug overdose persists, but the conclusion of the documentary revealed details of other circumstances that led to the tragic situation. It is also incredibly intriguing that Sharon, Brittany’s mother, is at the centre of it. Where is Sharon Murphy currently? What happened to her?

Who is Brittany Murphy?

Brittany Murphy was born in November 1977 to parents Sharon Murphy and Angelo Bertolotti. Angelo is a notorious gangster and ex-convict. Brittany and her mother were abandoned when she was only two years old. Technically, her mother raised her alone.

Sharon could not permit her daughter to meet with Brittany’s father because of his criminal past. Sharon claims that Angelo was absent from the life of her daughter.

Where is Sharon Murphy Now

Cause of Death

Fans found it difficult to believe that Brittany, who was only 32 years old and had a promising career, could die of pneumonia at such a young age. Simon Monjack, her husband, died five months after her passing, which made matters even worse. Considering that pneumonia was the cause of Monjack’s death, it became a topic of discussion.

Something seemed off. Angelo Bertolotti, the father of Brittany, shared the same sentiments. This is why he requested the further investigation of the case by the police. The elderly man believed his daughter had been poisoned. Brittany’s mother surprisingly refused to allow her daughter to be examined again.

Fans believed the mother may have desired closure, but a recent documentary revealed that Bertolotti may have been correct about foul play.

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Who is Sharon Murphy?

Sharon, a successful businesswoman and interior designer, was accustomed to living in the public eye, but she never desired to be famous.

The documentary what happened, Brittany Murphy? on HBO Max was inspired by Brittany’s tragic death. Its two-part documentary series is bringing Brittany’s mother Sharon into the spotlight.

Brittany’s mother, Sharon Murphy, dialled 911 after discovering her daughter on the bathroom floor. Brittany was pronounced dead at the hospital by doctors. The coroner determined that the actress died from acute pneumonia, anaemia, and drug intoxication. However, her supporters have long maintained that Sharon was responsible for her daughter’s demise.

Where is Sharon Murphy Now?

When Brittany’s family began to “fight” over her properties, it made global news. Brittany excluded her husband from inheriting anything from her estate prior to her death. The unknown is the reason why she did this. However, we do know that the couple had an argument, as couples always do.

Where is Sharon Murphy Now

However, after her death, her husband, Simon Monjack, assumed control of her finances. When Brittany had to sign a tax form, Simon once denied Murphy’s attorney access to her. The documentary revealed that Monjack had some degree of control over Brittany while she was still alive.

Also, there was a scuffle between Linda, Monjack’s mother, who wanted to share the deceased’s property, and Monjack.

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Sharon Murphy Had a Relationship With Her Son-in-law?

After Brittany’s death, rumours began to circulate that Sharon was in a relationship with Simon Monjack. Even though the two denied this vehemently, the story remained. In an interview about Brittany’s death, Simon Monjack referred to Sharon as “baby.” Who refers to their mother-in-law as “baby”?

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This strengthened the notion that something was occurring between the two. Again, adding fuel to the fire, the two individuals shared an apartment. When confronted with the possibility of being in a relationship with Monjack, she dismissed the notion as absurd. She insisted that they were only close friends and that nothing romantic existed between them.

Sadly, Simon also passed away in May 2010, five months later. Again, Sharon was the one who discovered his body in his apartment. The cause of death was pneumonia and anaemia, the same as Britanny Murphy, according to the coroner’s report. However, this again raised questions regarding Sharon’s involvement.

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