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Where Is Peter Nygard Now? An Update on His Legal Battles!


Peter Nygard, the former fashion executive facing multiple charges including sexual assault and racketeering, has retained a new lawyer after his previous counsel withdrew from the case. This change comes amid ongoing legal battles in both the United States and Canada.

Nygard, once a prominent figure in the fashion industry, is currently detained in Canada awaiting extradition to the U.S. He has consistently denied the allegations against him. The switch in legal representation highlights the complex and high-stakes nature of his defense. For more details on his current situation and ongoing legal proceedings, read our full article on where Peter Nygard is now and the implications of his legal challenges.

Where is Peter Nygard Now?

Peter Nygard has been in custody since December 2020, when he was arrested at a Winnipeg home on a provisional warrant issued on behalf of American prosecutors. He has consistently denied all allegations against him. The high-profile lawyer who was expected to represent Nygard in a criminal case in Winnipeg is withdrawing from the position for “ethical reasons.”

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Brian Greenspan informed Manitoba provincial court Judge Stacy Cawley via phone from Toronto that there was “an irreconcilable breakdown in the solicitor-client relationship,” describing it as “adversarial.”

“This is the first time in the 50 years I’ve practiced law that I’ve made a formal application to be removed from the record,” Greenspan said. He emphasized his professional obligation to inform the court and the Crown promptly about the breakdown.

Nygard was found guilty of four counts of sexual assault in Toronto in November, with Greenspan representing him. The assaults occurred from the late 1980s to around 2005 in Nygard’s private suite at his office building in downtown Toronto.

An affidavit read by Cawley in court, written by Seth Weinstein, a partner at Greenspan’s firm, indicated that several issues had arisen between Greenspan and Nygard, prompting Greenspan to withdraw to maintain his professional obligations.

‘Wasting the Court’s Time,’ Nygard says

The Winnipeg court case involves offences allegedly committed in 1993, with a woman, then 20 years old, accusing Peter Nygard of holding her captive and raping her after inviting her to a modelling job. Nygard faces charges of sexual assault and forcible confinement. A trial date has not been set.

In an email read by his former lawyer Brian Greenspan, Nygard accused Greenspan of “needlessly wasting the court’s time and building up his expense bill” by creating an “open conflict,” while Nygard aimed to resolve matters “amicably and professionally.”

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Seth Weinstein’s affidavit clarified that further details could not be disclosed without breaching solicitor-client privilege but stated the decision to withdraw was not related to unpaid fees. Greenspan committed to facilitating the transition to a new lawyer at no extra cost and forwarding his team’s entire case file to Nygard and his future counsel.

Judge Stacy Cawley noted that Nygard’s concerns were irrelevant to the application and granted Greenspan’s withdrawal. She highlighted that the timing benefitted Nygard, allowing ample time to secure new counsel and prepare for trial.

Previously, Greenspan represented Nygard in Toronto, where he faced five counts of sexual assault and one of forcible confinement. Nygard was acquitted of the confinement charge and one sexual assault charge, with five other charges dropped before jury selection.


Peter Nygard’s legal battles continue to unfold, with significant changes in his defense team. The recent withdrawal of his high-profile lawyer, Brian Greenspan, due to ethical conflicts underscores the complexities of Nygard’s cases.

While Nygard maintains his innocence against multiple charges of sexual assault and forcible confinement, the legal process is far from over. The Winnipeg case, involving allegations from 1993, remains unresolved, with a new trial date yet to be set.

As Nygard transitions to new legal representation, the forthcoming proceedings will be critical in determining his fate. This ongoing saga highlights the serious nature of the accusations and the extensive legal efforts required to address them.

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