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Where Is Jaleel White Now? What He’s Doing Now

“Did I do that?” is a line that every millennial is familiar with. On the TV show Family Matters, Jaleel White played Steve Urkle. He became one of the most recognizable figures of the 1990s, which wasn’t easy given how much entertainment was out at the time.

But Jaleel didn’t go away when the show stopped in 1998. The actor was honest about some problems that happened behind the scenes on set, and he went on to have a great acting career. We looked into his past to find out what he’s doing now.

What’s Jaleel White Doing Now?

The star is quickly moving away from comedic roles and toward Star Wars, a series that kids from the 1990s are sure to love. From what Comic Book Resources can tell, he is in Star Wars: Skeleton Crew.

“Making up every day takes two hours, which is a big change for me.” He told the press, “I get to play a pirate.”

The show is a continuation of the main Star Wars story, just like The Mandalorian. The series is set to air on Disney+ in 2024 and will star Jaleel alongside the famous Jude Law.

Where Is Jaleel White Now?

Jaleel is also trying his hand at something new. This time, the actor came out with a line of cannabis goods and gave one strain the funny name Purple Urkle. It came out on April 20, 2021.

Jaleel Opened Up About On-Set Tensions

In an interview on TVOne’s Uncensored in 2021, Jaleel said he felt like he didn’t fit in with the other cast members on Family Matters. “I didn’t think I was bothering anyone.” Nobody else’s shine was on me. I felt like I wasn’t welcome at all in the group, that’s something I need to say.

“And I don’t need to say that again and again to the adults.” “They also know what it is,” he said.

Still, the Family Matters cast wasn’t happy with him bringing up old grudges, especially since co-star Jo Marie Payton had said before that he was trying to “fight her,” as reported by Entertainment Tonight.

Baller Alert claimed that when the cast spoke on a panel in 2023, they tried to say nice things about Jaleel in response to what he said.

“Yes, you do run into each other sometimes. I will always love him, though. I’ve always thought of him as a kid, and it doesn’t matter how old he is; to me, he’ll always be a baby. “I forgive everything because my heart is strong enough to move on,” Jo Marie said.

There was a lot for him to do because we were already a family and he had to join the group and explain himself. We adore him. “We’re sorry he’s not here, but he’s a unique person,” Reginald VelJohnson said.

Who is Jaleel White Dating Now?

It looks like Jaleel is not dating anyone right now. He used to be in a popular relationship with Christine Lakin from Step by Step in the 1990s. He went out with Bridget Hardy too. Bridget and Jaleel have a daughter together named Samaya, but they were never married.

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