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Where Is Down Home Fab Filmed?

Some shows are so exciting that watching them is always a good way to relax. This is a good way to describe the show “Down Home Fab.” The name is catchy, but the show is, to say the least, even more interesting.

This show can keep you from being bored and give you a little motivation. The point of the show is to fix up people’s homes and come up with new designs for them. In this show, a husband and wife work together as consultants and take projects from their clients to fix up.

What Is ‘Down Home Fab’ All About?

The show is mostly about new ideas in home decor and design. When it comes to designing their homes or putting things in them, many people don’t have an eye for beauty. Because of this, the process of designing is very uncertain and hard.

Here’s where the two designers come in. Oh, and by the way, the best name for this couple would be “designing duo” because of what they do and how it affects other people’s lives.


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This journey of designing a house, which seems like a pretty normal thing to do, is the main focus of the show “Down Home Fab.” Here, the home is the most important thing, and how it looks is a big deal.

The show shows the journey of the two designers and how they try to do their jobs while also taking care of their personal lives and four young children.

It’s interesting to see how these people live their lives from their own points of view. In this show, Chelsea and Cole DeBoer are the star couple or the designing duo.

They present the show, give their opinions, and talk about their ideas for the whole length of each episode. The couple works well together to take care of their family and run their business.


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It’s a really interesting show for anyone who likes to watch TV shows with a real twist. Even though it seems easy, running a business, taking care of a family, and doing all of your chores is not a simple task.

This truth is shown in the show, which inspires awe and gives hope to those of us who want to start over in life.

The Filming Location For The Show:

As far as the show goes, it’s not something that’s written down. It is very real because it shows the couple’s real home, business office, and the town where they live and do business. So, no set has been made for this show.

All of the places shown on the show are real. So, let’s move on to the most amazing question: where is Down Home Fab filmed? And the answer is just as easy to understand as the question.

South Dakota is where the show Down Home Fab is filmed. The show is filmed in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, which is where Chelsea and Cole are from.

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Both of the couple’s businesses are in Sioux Falls, where they also own a farmhouse. On their lush green farm, they live with their four kids and a few other animals.

Chelsea and Cole also take orders from nearby towns and villages and sometimes go to those places as well. Their home is designed and decorated to the highest standards, which also helps their business do very well.

Because they stand up for what they think is right. That’s the power of working really hard.


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They have a lot of space around them at their home in Sioux Falls, which lets them do their work there. The farm is also very big, giving the family a lot of space. There’s no question that the couple does all the work in this house by themselves.

The couple seems to really love Sioux Falls and South Dakota, from running their business to raising their kids together. The show has been a huge hit in the United States, and you can watch it on HGTV.

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