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Where is Cam Newton Now? An Update on His Post-NFL Life!


Cam Newton, the former NFL MVP and quarterback, recently declared, “I’m not a football player no more.” This statement marks a significant shift in his career, suggesting he is moving away from professional football. Since leaving the Carolina Panthers and experiencing a brief stint with the New England Patriots, Newton has faced challenges finding a new team.

Currently, Cam Newton is focusing on his off-field ventures, including his popular YouTube channel and various business interests. His departure from football signals a new chapter in his life, where he is exploring opportunities beyond the sport. For more details on Cam Newton’s current activities and future plans, read our full article on his post-football journey.

Where is Cam Newton Now?

Cam Newton has been out of the league since 2021 but has not formally announced his retirement from football. However, in a recent interview with Boardroom, he may have done so unofficially. “I’m not a football player no more. I’m a YouTuber,” Newton stated.

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The former face of the Carolina Panthers franchise has shifted his focus to building his YouTube channel over the past few years. His channel now boasts over one million subscribers, showcasing his ability to connect with audiences off the field.

Newton’s transition to becoming a prominent YouTuber marks a new chapter in his career, highlighting his versatility and charisma. For fans, this pivot underscores Newton’s multifaceted talents and his ability to reinvent himself successfully in a different profession.

Cam Newton Reveals: “I Want to Own Everything Like Oprah and Beyonce”

In a recent interview, Cam Newton highlighted the significance of ownership, drawing inspiration from icons like Tyler Perry, Jay Z, Beyonce, and Oprah. “The Tyler Perry’s of the world. The Jay Z’s, the Beyonce’s, the Oprah’s – they have something in common – they own everything and that’s the key,” Newton said.

He emphasized the value of owning intellectual property and the independence it brings. Newton explained, “Being independent requires more grit and grind rather than relying on established platforms like ESPN or Fox Sports. On those platforms, I wouldn’t be able to truly give the consumer…me.”

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A couple of weeks ago, Newton revealed his interest in playing for one team only: the Atlanta Falcons, his NFC South rival. “Me having a family now, it’s always been about family, and I don’t see myself leaving Atlanta. If it’s not Atlanta, I don’t want to do it.”

Whether or not he returns to the NFL, Newton’s legacy is secured. He has thrown for 32,382 yards and 194 touchdowns while rushing for another 5,628 yards and 75 scores, marking him as one of the best to ever play the game.


Cam Newton’s transition from NFL star to entrepreneur and content creator highlights his drive for ownership and independence. Inspired by icons like Tyler Perry, Jay Z, Beyonce, and Oprah, Newton aims to control his intellectual property and deliver his authentic self to his audience.

While he remains open to a potential return to football, it would only be with the Atlanta Falcons, aligning with his commitment to family and his home base. Regardless of his future in the NFL, Newton’s impressive career stats and his pursuit of new ventures ensure his enduring legacy. His journey exemplifies the importance of reinvention and staying true to one’s values in achieving lasting success.

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