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Where can I Learn Excel from Basic to Advanced Online for Free?

You must have known Microsoft Excel right from your school days. The tool that seemed simple because of limited information taught in those days is actually a very powerful data management tool. Be it data visualization or data analysis, MS Excel is still a go-to solution for many tasks carried out in a corporate environment.

Now when it comes to learning MS Excel, there are thousands of resources available – books, online tutorials, academic programs, and online courses as well. The way of learning you choose depends a lot on how you want to use Excel. For example, if you want to use it for simple calculations or performing easy data operations, then books or tutorials are enough. However, if you want to use Excel’s advanced features and capabilities, then you must go for online courses.

Many still feel skeptical about taking a paid course to learn MS Excel. So, you can also check out some Free Online Excel Courses with Certificate. Don’t be misguided that online courses have low-quality study materials. Some reputed training providers offer high-quality instruction even for their free courses. If you want to become familiar with such options, then this article is for you.

Check them out!

Introduction to MS Excel (Skillup by Simplilearn)

Simplilearn is a reputed ed-tech platform that offers a range of courses to help professionals gain in-demand digital skills. Recently, it launched the SkillUp initiative to offer some of its courses for free, including this MS Excel Basics course. With 7 hours of in-depth video modules, the course is best suited for individuals willing to explore the abundant features of MS Excel. The instructor will take you through a number of important topics like Excel dashboard, data validation, sort and filter, functions, conditional formatting, data analysis in Excel, pivot tables and charts, and macros and VBA.

Upon enrollment, you can access the course for 90 days. You will also receive a course completion certificate at the end that you can share on LinkedIn.

Excel Video Training (Microsoft)

What can be a better option to learn Excel than the company that created it? Microsoft offers a number of useful resources to help you learn Excel from entry-level to advanced skills. Apart from the theoretical modules, you will also find video modules that explain everything with demos and examples. These short video modules cover concepts like rows and columns, formatting, tables, charts, formulas and functions, pivot tables, linked data types, Power Query, and more. You just need to go to Microsoft’s official website to access these training modules.

Note that there is no course completion certificate offered with this free training.

Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions (LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn Learning is another reliable platform to gain expertise in Excel. You can explore a number of courses in this platform. The ‘Excel: Advanced Formula and Functions’ course is designed by Dennis Taylor who explains hundreds of formulas and functions available in Excel. It will take you around 5 hours to complete the course. Some of the critical formula shortcuts are also revealed that will speed up your work. Further, some important functions are discussed like MATCH, VLOOKUP, INDEX, text functions, statistical functions, math, time, and information functions.

The course is a paid one but you can use LinkedIn’s ‘One-month free trial’ option to avail of the course free of cost.

Everyday Excel Specialization (Coursera)

This specialization is offered by the University of Colorado, Boulder on the Coursera platform. The program will help you learn Excel from scratch to expert. You will become familiar with a number of Excel tools, techniques, and functions, and apply them to real-world open-ended projects. The program involves editing the worksheet, cell formatting, expression entry, common Excel formulas, and data management. It is a beginner-level course that will take around 4 months to complete.

Note that you can audit the course for free or take financial aid when enrolling. However, the course completion certificate is not offered in the free learning mode.

Excel for Everyone: Core Foundations (edX)

This course offered on edX is designed by the University of British Columbia. The program is best suited for individuals who want to learn Excel basics by exploring data wrangling, data analysis, and spreadsheet management. You need to dedicate around 4 to 6 hours per week to complete this self-paced course in 6 weeks. The program will impart strong foundational knowledge of Excel to organize, analyze and work with data. By the end, you will gain confidence in navigating the Excel interface, learning important Excel functions, performing calculations, and producing engaging charts and graphs from the data.

The course can be taken free of cost. However, the course completion certificate is only available when you pay the course fee.

Over to You

Now that you are aware of the training options, check out further details about these courses and decide which one best suits your learning needs. Excel is still an in-demand skill for a number of job roles, and its use in the data science field further makes it important to gain expertise. Many people ‘know’ MS Excel but only a few can use it like a ‘Pro.’ Take up an online course and become the latter.

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