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When Will Ken Jennings Make His Next Appearance on “Jeopardy!”?

Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings are the two individuals responsible for hosting Jeopardy! At this stage, everyone has a favourite and a least favourite host of their own choosing. Since Bialik has been the host of the programme for the past few months, one would wonder when Jennings will return. Fans of Jennings can breathe a sigh of relief since he will soon be back in action.

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Ken Jennings Return Date Is Set

Next week, Jennings is scheduled to make her return to the game show Jeopardy! after taking a short break. According to the TV Guide, his return date is set for Monday, July 18th. It is anticipated that he would serve as the host for the final two weeks of Season 38, which is scheduled to come to an end on July 29. After that, fans won’t be able to look forward to new episodes until the month of September. This would be good news for those who prefer Jennings to Bialik, as a large number of Jeopardy! fans vocally support Jennings over Bialik.

Season 38 By The Numbers

Season 36 was the final season that Alex Trebek oversaw as host of “Jeopardy!”, and season 37 was distinguished by the drawn-out hunt for a new host. As the 38th season is about to come to a close, we may take a look back at the people who were invited to host the show the most often.

Beginning on September 13, 2021, the infamous Mike Richards presided over the hosting duties for the first week of season 38. The game show quickly announced that Jennings and Bialik would be taking over as co-hosts after claims of toxic conduct and misogynistic discourse on a podcast forced him out of the role. The solution of having two hosts made it through the whole season, but there is a good chance that won’t be the case again next year. In anticipation of season 39 and the much awaited tournament of champions, the producers have considered the possibility of producing a conclusive episode.

When Will Ken Jennings Make His Next Appearance on "Jeopardy!"?

After Richards vacated the podium, Bialik presided over 35 of the remaining games. Jennings was in charge for a total of 20 games. After that, Jennings came back for the second half of Bialik’s streak, which was Amy Schneider’s. Bialik had returned for the Professor’s Tournament. After an even 30 games, Bialik made his return for a total of 10 games. Jennings hosted thirty, followed by Bialik, who hosted ten more. Jennings made his way back for the remaining 20 contests that Mattea Roach played in. Since then, every game that has been played by Ryan Long, Eric Ahasic, and Megan Wachspress has been hosted by Bialik. That brings Jennings’s total for the year to 45 games, after which he will play an additional 10.

Who, then, has been the host of the most games? After Bialik (position 100) and Jennings (position 110), Richards finishes in third with five points. When the Professor’s Tournament is taken into account, however, Bialik and Jennings finish with exactly 110 games apiece, tying for first place. The producers, to their credit, did not select a winner among the available options.

What Lies Ahead?

There is a plethora of evidence that supports the possibility that Jennings will be chosen over Bialik. It is already established that he will be returning for Season 39, and he has officially withdrawn from The Chase. Additionally, he accepted the Daytime Emmy award that the show was given while Bilaik was nowhere to be found. Fans of Jeopardy! can hardly contain their excitement as producer Mike Davies maintains that a decision will be announced “very, very soon.”

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