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When Is Season 2 of Coyote Coming Out : Will There Be a Second Season ?

It’s been a long since we heard anything about Coyote from its creators. Coyote, a Paramount +’s American crime drama series has gained the attention of fans and critics alike for its intriguing storyline and characters. It first aired on the network in January 2021, and since then fans have been wondering what the series’ future holds? To the dismay of spectators globally, Coyote has not yet been ordered for a sequel. But considering the series’ popularity and ratings, we see no reason why the show would not return for a second season. With that in mind, here’s all we know about a prospective Coyote Season 2

When Is Season 2 of Coyote Coming Out

However, it appears that “Coyote” has a better probability of being renewed than the average television show. It was one of the relaunched Paramount+ network’s core programmes. However, CBS has opted to move “Coyote” to its subscription-based streaming service CBS All Access in November 2020 from the Paramount Network. This is from The Wrap. On March 4, 2020, CBS All Access was renamed Paramount+.

Chiklis’ part as retired border patrol agent Ben Clemens will almost probably be reprised if “Coyote” is brought back, as the show wouldn’t be whole without him. Cartel leader Juan Diego “El Catrin” Zamora, played by Juan Pablo Raba, is one possible return candidate. Meanwhile, we can expect the plot to resume up right where Season 1 left off, with a cliffhanger. The CIA was already aware of Ben’s participation with the Zamora cartel, so in the finale, he offered himself up as a confidential informant.

Coyote’s Cast: Season 2

Ben Clemens, a long-serving US border patrol agent, is played by actor Michael Chiklis. Juan Pablo Raba portrayed Juan Diego “El Catrin” Zamora, the tiny family cartel’s head. Adriana Paz plays Silvia Pea, who works as a manager in a local restaurant.

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On Hulu, Dante, a drug cartel member, is played by Kristyan Ferrer. Octavio Pisano, who is a member of the drug gang, plays Sultan. Cynthia McWilliams plays a Homeland Security Investigations agent for the federal government. Julio Cesar Cedillo portrays Guardia Nacional de Mexico member Neto Mendez in the film. Maria Elena Flores, who is pregnant with Dante’s child, is played by Emy Mena.

The Adventures of Coyote

Ben Clemens, a recently retired US Customs and Border Protection agent, is the protagonist of the tale. He was about to do something inconceivable after 32 years as a CBP agent:

When Is Season 2 of Coyote Coming Out

He was going to help folks whom he had violently and unwillingly kept away from borders. He was on the other side of the wall in both ways because he is also a member of anything illegal.

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In the first instance, he does so by his physical presence, and in the second, he does so by questioning his values and ethics. He’s a reliable officer who’s taken part in a slew of missions, but he’s never heard of anything like this. This society’s black and white was put out in front of him.

Is There a New Coyote Season 2 Trailer Available?

A trailer for Coyote Season two is still a long way off considering the series remains in the shadows. But worry not, we shall keep you posted on Coyote Season two. As a result, keep an eye out for any show-specific information that may be of interest to you. For that, bookmark this page.

The series’ core cast is currently occupied with its other high-budget productions like Accused. Michael Chiklis has also sent a tweet to alert his fans about his new project, Accused. Focus has moved to #ACCUSED preparations now, he wrote in his message. Very excited about it. The script is painfully intense. The story is riveting. You’ll want to watch this one. The fact that this project is being produced by the same people that made House and Homeland excites fans. And the best part it follows an anthology theme.

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As a result, considering their current schedules, it may take some time to reunite the group for season two.

Season 2 of Coyote: What Do We Know?

Coyote season 1 had had a rocky journey before its launch since it was shifted from Paramount Network to CBS All Access. However, there are already plenty of criminal dramas to choose from. Second, the show will be extended for a second season since it has the potential to be popular based on viewership. To do so, the production company needs to assess its popularity charts as well as whether or not the show has gained critical acclaim.

There have been no announcements for the second season, but as the show increases in popularity, we may be able to witness the second chapter filming in the middle of this year. For CBS All Access, both the Star Trek and Big Brother shows were huge successes. The second season of this show is possible, but that has yet to be determined.

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We may have to wait a bit longer because the programme hasn’t gained much notice yet, and the plot has already been covered multiple times. It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with in terms of plot.

When Is Season 2 of Coyote Coming Out

Season 2 of Coyote is not expected to be released any time soon. The show’s remaining plot may go unnoticed in the days to come.


The renewal of “Coyote” for a second season has yet to be announced by CBS. Season 1 star Michael Chiklis has tweeted that he “can’t wait to get back to work” on “Coyote” on March 13, 2021, ever since the show premiered in the fall of 2016. That doesn’t mean “Coyote” won’t be back, but it also doesn’t mean it won’t be cancelled.

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