WhatsApp will send alerts when the Storage will full

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has launched a new feature storage management tool. With its help, users will now be able to easily find and delete files of WhatsApp on smartphones.

This feature will be made available to users worldwide this week. With this, users will not have any problem with storage. Whatsapp was testing this feature for the last few days.

Along with the management, you will be able to delete files

With the help of this feature, users will be able to know which file of WhatsApp is taking more space.

Not only this, but they will also be able to manage files according to their size. Along with this, there will also be an option to preview and delete the selected files. Explain that this new feature will be available under data and storage in the name of Managed Storage.

Will get alert when storage is full

Along with this, users will also get a new storage bar option at the top in data and storage. Here it will be told how much space WhatsApp and its files have taken in the user’s smartphone.

Not only this, in addition to stating the space, if the storage becomes full, WhatsApp will also send an alert to the users and will delete the files and ask them to manage the storage. Forward will also show videos and photos and will provide the option to delete.

Disappearing message will also get a feature

Apart from this, a new feature is coming to WhatsApp. Now the messages will automatically disappear under this. It will soon be available to users in their app.

To use the feature of dispensing messages, it has to be enabled by going to the settings of the app. After this, a message sent to a group and a person will automatically disappear in seven days. This will not only be for special messages but for everyone.

WhatsApp Chat Mute Option forever

Recently, WhatsApp launched a new feature. With its help, they can now mute any chat forever. To use it, the mobile phone of the smartphone users should have a version of WhatsApp.

The older version has the feature of muting, but for this, three options used to be eight days, a week and a year. Now the usual option has come in place of one year.