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What Was The Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement?

What Was The Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement?

Tiger Woods is the bigger name when it comes to professional golf, but did you know that he had a hard time in his personal life? He had to pay settlements to many of his wives, but this article will explain why this happened and what led to it all.

Let’s look at this article to learn more about Tiger Woods’s cheating scandal and divorce settlement.

Who is Tiger Woods?

Tiger Woods is an American professional golfer, and for those of you who don’t know, he’s a very well-known name in the business. He’s also won a lot of awards and honors in the business.

He is considered one of the best golfers of all time, so he is also in the World Golf Hall of Fame. But he has had a lot of trouble in his personal life, which has led to some changes in the law.

What Was The Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement?

Tiger Woods’s divorce shocked the whole world when he was caught cheating on his wife. However, the end result of his cheating was very painful for him because he had to pay his wife a lot of money for being unfaithful.

When Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods decided to get a divorce, it was a cruel way to end their six-year marriage. However, theirs was one of the most expensive celebrity divorces in Hollywood history.

But Elin got between $100 million and $110 million from the divorce settlement. This was the most money she ever got from a divorce settlement, and she also got about $20,000 a month as child support.

So, with all the money she won, she was able to buy some property when she won the couple’s home in Windermere. However, she ended up selling the house so she could move on to her next place to live.

What Happened to Tiger Woods and His Cheating Scandal?

Well, no one would have ever thought that Tiger, who is a very well-known person, would end up doing something like this. When it all came out, even Tiger’s fans were shocked.

So, in 2009, it was found out that Tiger was cheating on his wife Elin, and that he was seeing other women at the same time. In 2010, they went on to clarify and confirm that they were officially divorced.

Even though they are both divorced, they both have joint custody of their children and have said they will take care of them even though they have their own problems.

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They are still friends, so they both have custody of their kids.

What Happened to Tiger Woods’s Ex Erica Herman?

Tiger Wood had another girlfriend named Erica Herman. After his divorce from Elin, which was very public, he started dating Herman. However, Herman ran a few places with Woods back then, so now she is accusing Woods of the most important things related to leasing.

So, she is saying that Woods broke their agreement by not giving her a fair share of the money from the sale of the house. This is because Tiger bought a house in Florida in 2008, and Herman was in charge of keeping the property in good shape.

And Woods’s lawyers say that there was never an agreement like that and that Erica was just a houseguest the whole time.

Even so, there are still some things about their relationship that aren’t clear. However, it seems like Tiger has always had very bad luck when it comes to relationships since every one of them cost him a lot of money.

But since nothing about this case is clear, we still have to wait for the judge to clear things up.

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