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What is the Fan Theory on Mike’s Fate in Sing 2?

After its release in 2016, Sing was an instant phenomenon upon its debut. The audience enjoyed the film because it contained likeable characters, memorable songs, and a message that uplifted and inspired them.

This was especially true during a period in history when things were beginning to appear to be in a negative direction. One of the many characters in the film, Mike the Mouse, played by Seth MacFarlane, emerged as a quick favourite among the audience very soon.

Even though he was impolite and greedy, those characteristics were a part of what made him so attractive. Other aspects that made him interesting included his sass, his style, and his great aspirations, which may or may not have been realistic.

The announcement that there would be a second film in the Sing franchise did not come as a surprise to anyone. The first one made almost $634 million, which can be attributed in part to the success of its music as well as the success of its star-studded ensemble.

Fans were naturally interested in finding out what became of the gambling mouse that performed “My Way” by Frank Sinatra and stole the show. Ahead of the film… that’s strange, Mike isn’t in the previews for the movie. That’s not a problem because… hold on, he doesn’t appear in the film.

What Happened to Mike in Sing 2?

There are others who believe that Mike the Mouse departed Sing 2 due to the fact that he enjoyed gambling. It is believed that he lost everything, including his money, his home, and his favourite fedora, because he became too involved in the gambling that the Bears were doing. There are many who believe that the plot of the sequel simply did not have room for him.

It has even been stated by some people that the bears ate him, which we believe to be a bit of an exaggeration. Fans were disappointed that such a well-known character would not be appearing in the film for whatever cause it may have been. Do we have a solid explanation for why his viewpoint wasn’t taken into account?

It has come to our attention that the absence of Mike the Mouse has never been addressed in any official capacity. It was not written or directed by movie writer and director Garth Jennings, nor was it written or directed by Seth MacFarlane himself. There is a possibility that we will never know what actually took place, but fan theories might help us cope with this uncertainty.

On the official Sing 2 forum, a Reddit user by the name of RiffRafe2 said that they went to a Q&A where Garth Jennings said that, even though he loved Seth McFarlane’s singing and acting, he just couldn’t stand the character anymore, which is understandable, and that’s why the character wasn’t in the sequel. Garth Jennings also said that he loved Seth McFarlane’s singing and acting According to RiffRafe2, Jennings was quoted as saying that if there were to be a Sing 3, he would possibly consider bringing Mike back.

Now, don’t give us any reason to hope against hope. People have been talking about Sing 3 since since the second instalment of the Sing franchise was released in theatres. At this time, there has been no news from official sources regarding the matter. We Got This Covered will keep you informed of any developments regarding this matter should it become necessary. Let’s simply keep our fingers crossed and hope that Mike is a part of this.

What is the Fan Theory About?

It is reasonable to assume that what occurred to Mike has emerged as a major topic of discussion among Sing enthusiasts, and a great number of individuals have developed hypotheses regarding the events that took place with the mouse.

The central tenet of many of these hypotheses is that Mike’s untimely demise can be attributed to the bear mobsters, with whom he had fallen out of favour. One of Mike’s fans shared their speculation on the topic on the website Quora, saying, “I think Mike died in a sticky circumstance.” Therefore, Seth McFarlane won’t be able to participate in the sequels.

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A more upbeat and positive supporter of Mike’s voiced their opinion on Quora, stating, “I think Mike got away with his girlfriend in the car.” I believe that they did a U-turn when the bear stood up on the back of the car, noticed the bear, and then drove the bear off to the side of the road. After that, they travel to the residence of the girlfriend and remain there for some time till everybody is aware of what is going on.

Lastly, this Reddit user gave three reasons to support the idea that Mike died in a bad way:

  1. Where did the mouse go?” Yes, it’s a pun, since Mike is a mouse.
  2. That night, he sang “My Way”… People say that whoever sings that song will die.
  3. Some of us have already confirmed that Mike isn’t in Sing 2, so it’s safe to say that he’s dead.

The first point is a reference to the TV trope “What happened to the mouse?”

A character that plays a supporting role in a film or television show and then unexpectedly vanishes after completing their mission in the narrative is said to be an example of this cliché. A few of followers are of the opinion that this is what took place with Mike the mouse.

Sing 2 Release Date and Plot

The United States premiere of Sing 2 took place on December 22. It was broadcast on January 28 in the United Kingdom. The events of the second film take place a few years after those of the first. It is a continuation of Buster Moon’s story after the events that transpired in the New Moon Theater, during which he was searching for his next great hit.

Buster has booked a performance at the Crystal Tower Theater in Redshore City, but he may have committed himself to more than he can successfully accomplish. The ever-optimistic koala and the rest of the gang need to persuade rock legend Clay Calloway to perform with them so that the concert may be improved even further.

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