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What is smart dust technology? Know its needs and advantages and disadvantages, smart dust and 5g

With the changing times, new experiments are being done in the field of technology. In the coming times, such technologies related to data, sensors, artificial intelligence are going to come, which will change our lives completely. Today we will talk about one such new technology Smart Dust.

We will tell you what is Smart Dust, how much work has been done on it, what will be its advantages and disadvantages and what will be the challenges before it.

What is smart dust?

Smart Dust is a device made up of different sensors that can collect and send all the data around it to the cloud.

This fully wireless device will be equivalent to a sand particle. Sensors installed in it can store all types of data, including light, humidity, vibration.

This device is operated with the help of a micro-controller. Right now this technology is in the initial stage and much work is yet to be done on it.

Why smart dust technology is important?

Most companies are moving towards the Internet of Things, where everything will be connected to the Internet. In this case, the data will be required.

With the help of data, things will be able to understand the command of its user. Smart Dust will meet the needs of your home, farm, office and army.

For example, if you want to find out which nutrient is lacking in the soil of the field, then apply Smart Dust there. The entire figure will be revealed.

Smart dust will be used in many areas

The use of smart dust on the farm is only one example. It can be used in many fields like health, military, business, automobile etc. This technology can make everything wireless by removing the wired device.

What are the benefits of Smart Dust?

Given the use of Smart Dust, it has different advantages. For the industry, it will be useful in improving safety, efficiency and productivity. At the same time, it will reduce the cost of infrastructure and systems.

For farmers, it can give them information about crop and soil, with the help of which the yield can be increased. The army can use them for security and trekking. It can be deployed in areas that are difficult to reach.

What is the disadvantage of smart dust?

The biggest disadvantage to Smart Dust is the encroachment in privacy. The sensors in it are so small that it is impossible to see them. These sensors can record every little thing. This creates a risk in privacy.

Right now this technology is in the beginning phase, due to which its cost is high. Perhaps its price will be reduced until people are able to use it, but it will still take a long time.

Privacy is the biggest challenge of smart dust

The big challenge before Smart Dust will be to overcome privacy. Currently, big companies like Facebook are facing challenges on privacy. In such a situation, how smart dust can overcome it will be a matter to be seen.

smart dust and 5g

The tiny electronic particles for wireless communication with each other and anything they connect with. Wireless communication is done over 5G

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