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What Happened To The Green M&M?

Where did the green M&M go? This particular spoke candy has been in the news for a long time on the web. For what? Well, that’s mostly because it looks like “slut shaming” or maybe because it has a new look.

Before getting into further details about the Green M&M, let’s briefly learn about the button-shaped chocolate brand.

M&M’s were first sold in 1941 when they were just simple candy. As time has gone on, different kinds of fillings have been put on the market. The slogan for this chocolate candy company is “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.”

Sounds like fun? Well, M&Ms are sold all over the world and are easy to find. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to a nearby convenience store and ask for it.

There are several names for M&M’s, just as Red, Yellow, Orange, Minis, Ms. Brown, etc. Green M&M is one of them. She is the company’s female spoke candy and has been with the company since 1997.

In the meantime, the company decided to change the spokes candies in some ways. Why? Because they were judged more on their personalities than on their gender. It wasn’t a bad idea.

But not many people liked it. Talking more about the Green M&M, its shoes were changed, which eventually led to online controversy, debates, and whatnot. Here’s what we know about what happened to the Green M&M if you’re wondering.

What Happened To Green M&M?

It seems like no one on the internet is happy with how Green M&M has changed. People have also said that it is the worst thing that has ever happened to this chocolate company. What happened?

As was already said, the Green M&M was the spoke candy for women. It had long, pretty eyelashes, shiny lips, and high-heeled boots. But now the way it looks is different. Now, the Green M&M is said to have “old maiden, 40-50-year-old auntie sneakers” instead of shoes. Strange!

People started calling the new design of the Green M&M the “slut shaming” look, or “nasty.” Some people even talked about it on their Twitter pages.

Why did the look of the green M&M change? Well, though, it wasn’t the only one. Mars Wrigley, the owner, said that he was willing to change the mascots to make them fit a “more dynamic, progressive world.” Some people also said that shortening the legs made the Green M&M “less sexy.” What do you think?

A lot of people didn’t like how M&M’s changed their name. Even though some people didn’t like the way they looked, Mars said that the colorful mascots would be back and show up in the Super Bowl.

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Last month, M&M’s sent out a message about its plan to rebrand. The post said, “We’ve made some changes to our favorite spokes candies over the past year. We didn’t know if anyone would notice at all.

And we didn’t think it would stop the internet from working. But now we get it; even the shoes on candy can be divisive.”

We’re going to talk more about the Green M&M, the new shoes, and how the boots are bad. Did you even notice that there was a change? Well, it’s okay if you didn’t because some other people didn’t either.

There are other people like you. In fact, the change was very small. Because of this, some people in the community didn’t know what all the fuss was about with the Green M&M.

To be more specific, Green M&M’s shoes were changed to make her look less girly. Why? In boots and lashes, that was meant to mean that you can’t ruin your life and be a “woman.” Instead, one should put on some white slip-on shoes and get things done to make things work. How do you feel about this?

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