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What Happened to Simon Cowell? Why Did Simon Leave America’s Got Talent?

What Happened to Simon Cowell? Simon Cowell, a veteran producer and judge on reality TV shows, was involved in a bike accident last week and subsequently admitted to the hospital, as reported by Variety. One admirer tweeted, “What’s happened to Simon Cowell’s face?” in an expression of concern for the celebrity. Seems to be tumbling downhill!

What Happened to Simon Cowell?

“Simon was on the e-bike with his electric motor turned on when the bike slipped on a damp place,” a source close to Cowell told the British tabloid The Mirror. He lost control and crashed into the middle of the road; he was unprotected by a helmet and is lucky to be alive. Even though he was bleeding profusely, bystanders helped him up.

He went to the hospital, where X-rays confirmed his worst fears: he had broken his arm. He’s resting with a yellow cast on his arm and is recovering, but he’ll need to take it easy for a while. According to a person close to the situation, Simon is doing fine after breaking his arm.

After Cowell had a broken back in a bike accident in 2020, he had to take time away from television to undergo surgery and rehabilitation. A 17-year run for his talent show “The X Factor” ended in 2021 when it was axed.

What Happened to Simon Cowell

He was supposed to be a judge on “Walk the Line,” but musician Gary Barlow took his spot. He remained a regular cast member and put his energy into his duties as the show’s founder and executive producer.

Also in 2021, Cowell decided not to serve as a judge on “The X Factor Israel,” a gig he had already cancelled.

Cowell has just finished filming the upcoming season of “Britain’s Got Talent,” which will premiere in April.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Simon Appear to Be Different?

After his terrifying e-bike collision in 2020, he underwent a number of cosmetic operations, including Botox, a facelift in 2018, a slew of facials, and veneers for his teeth. In April, though, Cowell said he was done with Botox and fillers because they made him appear “like something out of a horror film.”

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Why Did Simon Leave America’s Got Talent?

“If I’m being honest with you over the years, the live shows started to get monotonous,” he told host Terry Crews on the August 17 programme.

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What is Simon Cowell’s Net Worth?

Doctors recommended a vegan diet to Cowell in 2019, and he took their advice. According to the 2019 edition of the Sunday Times Rich List, which ranks the 400 richest Britons by net worth, Cowell was worth an estimated $385 million.


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