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What Happened to Robo Shankar?

Read this article to learn what happened to Robo Shankar and whether or not the comedic actor is afflicted with any health problems.

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Who is Robo Shankar?

Indian actor, comedian, and dancer Robo Shankar earned his Master’s degree in Economics from Madurai Kamaraj University. From 1997 through 2007, as well as starting in 2011, he has been actively involved in the entertainment sector.

Robo Shankar became well-known as a result of his Vijay TV collaborations, particularly as a result of his performances on the hit program Kalakkapovathu Yaaru, where he demonstrated his stand-up comedy skills.

He has joined the cast of several Star Vijay programs on a regular basis and has also presented shows for the network.

Before being given the opportunity to play a part in the 2011 movie Rowthiram by filmmaker Gokul, Robo Shankar first made a living as a mimicry performer. His scenes were subsequently cut, though.

In Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara (2013), which served as his breakthrough performance as an actor, Gokul offered him another chance.

After appearing in supporting roles in Yaaruda Mahesh and Kappal, Balaji Mohan cast him in Vaayai Moodi Pesavum (2014), where his energetic performance won praise from critics.

What Happened to Robo Shankar?

Robo Shankar showed his flexibility by playing a bad guy in Touring Talkies (2015). He continued to dazzle reviewers with his performance in Maari (2015), receiving praise in particular for his striking body language and one-of-a-kind one-liners.

Robo Shankar and Priyanka Shankar have a son named Indraja Shankar and are happily married. Additionally, the coveted Kalaimamani Award was given to him.

What Happened to Robo Shankar?

STAR Vijay’s Kalakkapovathu Yaaru is where stand-up comedian Robo Shankar first gained notoriety. He has been working as a mimicry artist before making his breakthrough in the 2011 movie Rowthiram.

He had little parts in Yaaruda Mahesh and Kappal before landing a role in Vaayai Moodi Pesavum, where critics praised his vibrant performance.

Robo Shankar is a fantastic person who consistently excels in his work and contributes significantly. The people were shocked by the information and in astonishment. As soon as they learned about his condition, they were grieved.

People were interested in learning more about his health status and anxiously requested updates. Robo Shankar is not ill, it must be made clear, though.

Although he was recently featured in a photo where he appeared much leaner, the change was intentional for a role in a Tamil movie. Rest certain that he is in good health and that nothing unfavorable has happened.

What Happened to Robo Shankar?

Does Robo Shankar Have Health Issues?

In addition to his humorous talents, actor Robo Shankar is well-known for his commitment to weightlifting at the gym.A recent video that showed the actor looking noticeably thinner stunned his fans and internet users.

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The obvious and unexpected weight reduction raised questions about his health. Netizens speculated about various things; some thought he had liposuction, while others thought he had a major medical issue.

Robo Shankar was unavailable to comment when contacted. But a trustworthy source close to him told DT Next that the actor had been actively trying to shed weight.

Unfortunately, a jaundice incident stopped him in his tracks. He consequently continued to eat less while recovering from hepatitis, which led to further weight loss.

The source highlighted that Robo Shankar is at this time in excellent health and is aggressively pursuing his recovery. The actor’s most recent roles included Vikram and Kodai’s movies Cobra and Kodai, as well as Nelson Dilipkumar’s Jailer, which starred Rajinikanth.

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