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What Happened To Packgod?

Packgod is a well-known name in the online community, and the recent major controversies he’s been in have made fans wonder what happened to him and who he had a major beef with.

People pay a lot of attention to fights and controversies, especially on online streaming platforms where creators accuse each other every day of stealing their work or doing something else. And this time, it was Packgod who had a big problem with one of his members, Leg.

Well, this is where the article comes in. It will tell you the most important things that happened with the YouTuber and the streamer, as well as other information about Packgod, in a short, real, and accurate way.

So, many Packgod fans are very interested in finding out what exactly happened with the Discord user. Let’s look at this article, which will give you accurate and helpful information about every part of Packgod.

Who is Packgod?

For those of you who don’t know much about Packgod, he is a YouTuber and a Discord user who mostly makes videos for YouTube and a diss track. There are a lot of people who like him in the online community.

He mostly roasts and makes fun of the most famous and well-known streamers and some of the most well-known people on the internet, like iShowSpeed and many others.


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But if you look back at his early career, he became very famous in 2022 after he started making videos in which he made diss tracks about popular streamers, which got a lot of fans’ attention.

First, he made a Discord server with a teammate or member named Leg. The server was called Void, and the Discord channel was called Void. He was also a co-admin on a YouTube channel, where he was mostly in charge of making and writing all the diss tracks that you can see.

What happened to Packgod?

Packgod is a well-known name in the content game, and the big scandal he got involved in 2022 made him even more popular and well-known on social media.

Fans were sad, shocked, and felt a mix of emotions when they found out that he took over the channel he shared with another member, Leg, and Left Leg with nothing.

This forced him to start over with a new Discord and YouTube channel, which got more likes and views in a shorter time with more support.

While Leg and Packgod’s former channel, which they both had, made the most diss tracks on well-known and popular streamers, which was at first a huge success for both of them, who knew it would end so quickly?

When they posted a diss track about Pokimane to their old YouTube channel, it got a lot of views and likes at first, which was what they wanted.

But after all the drama with Packgod and the Leg, they went their separate ways and made their own content for the online community. They still had their fan bases and got likes and views for the content they made.

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What were Packgod and the Leg drama in 2022?

In 2022, the drama between Packgod and the Leg was pretty intense. It all started when both creators started their channels, one on a Discord server and one on YouTube, where they mostly made diss tracks and other things related to it.


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But their problems started in 2022 when both of them introduced Discord packing, a way for people to fight with words or other things.

But it got to the point where both Leg and Packgod started battling each other on their Discord server. On August 25, 2022, Packgod posted a video on their YouTube channel talking about the whole mess and their rivalries.

So, Leg made the decision to kick Packgod off both the Discord server and the YouTube channel.

During the whole drama, Packgod also said that he did 90% of the work while Leg did nothing. This drama was one of the most controversial in the online internet community in 2022.

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