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What Happened to Lil Pump? Is He Still Active in the Music Industry?

What Happened to Lil Pump? He is an American rapper who is well-known in the SoundCloud rap scene. What Happened to Lil Pump is the topic of this article. Please read on to the end of this article to learn What Happened To Lil Pump.

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Who is Lil Pump?

American-born Gazzy Garcia entered the world on August 17, 2000, in Miami, Florida. Gazzy Garcia is better known in the music industry as Lil Pump. He’s an American rap artist.

Both his minimalist music and his hyperactive public persona—in which he is frequently shown abusing drugs like Xanax, lean, and marijuana—have made him a prominent figure in the SoundCloud rap movement.

His actions have sparked heated debate. At the age of thirteen, Garcia was introduced to Omar Pineiro, better known as Smokepurpp, by his cousin Lil Ominous.

What Happened to Lil Pump

Both Garcia and Pineiro were kicked out of several schools in the district. Garcia later attended an alternative high school but was expelled in 10th grade for participating in riots and acts of violence.

What Happened to Lil Pump?

At the start of the year 2020, the rapper “retired” from music with a dramatic Instagram tale. Later, though, he made a rather odd return in which he defended then-President Trump.

Although he paid tribute to Donald Trump in his song “Lil Pimp Big MAGA Steppin’,” the song wasn’t released to the public until after the 2020 election, when Trump had already been defeated.

Since then, Lil Pump has become a sellout, advocating for questionable cryptocurrency and lowering his standards to curry favour with one of the nation’s most controversial political personalities. JetBlue will fire Gazzy Garcia in 2020 once he adopts the anti-mask stance of President Trump and his allies.

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Is Lil Pump Still Active in the Music Industry?

As of this announcement, Lil Pump is finished with the music industry altogether. Despite Lil Pump’s best efforts, he has been unable to regain the popularity he once had.

His once bizarre charisma had worn off, leaving him looking like a faded, tattooed artist at the end of his career. But then came back around in a very strange way: in defence of Donald Trump for president.

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Legal Issues

Garcia has admitted on social media that he has dyslexia and can’t read. Back in February of this year, Pump was taken into custody for discharging a firearm in a populated area. His manager claims that three intruders opened fire on his door while they were breaking into his home in the San Fernando Valley.

What Happened to Lil Pump

After determining that the home was a likely origin for the bullet, police returned with a search warrant and discovered a handgun and ammunition hidden beneath the balcony.

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It was then determined that Garcia’s mother should be questioned for endangering a minor and keeping a firearm in the home without a secure locking mechanism.

Net Worth

Lil Pump is an $8 million net-worth American rapper and songwriter. He has made a name for himself in the rap community on SoundCloud. Because of his massive Soundcloud following, he got famous. Gazzy Garcia, better known by his stage moniker Lil Pump, is his true name. He has also been known as Trapper of the Century.


Lil Pump signed a recording contract with Warner Brothers in March of 2018 that included an $8 million advance. The rapper is paid $9,000 in year one of the contract, $12,000 in year two, and $15,000 annually in years three through seven.

Those totals are correct; they’re not misstated. As an added bonus, he received an extremely high 14% cut of his royalties earned in the United States. Even better, the rapper will receive 66% of the royalties from certain sales types.

Let’s be clear: if Pump takes out an $8 million advance, he will be unable to work until he has repaid the money. It will be extremely challenging to secure new financing if the initial loan is not repaid.


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