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What Happened To Lauren Mccluskey?

Lauren Mccluskey was a normal college student, but her recent death has shocked people on the internet, who are upset that the authorities and institutions haven’t done enough to stop the criminal.

So, this article will tell you a little bit about who Lauren Mccluskey was and what happened to her. Who killed her and what the police and other important people are doing to make sure justice is done for her?

Lauren Mccluskey

Let’s start this article by telling you a little bit about Lauren Mccluskey. She was a senior track and field athlete at the University of Utah. After doing well in high school, she joined the track and field program at the University of Utah in 2016.

During her time there, she did some amazing things, like competing in the 2015 USATF Outdoor Junior Championships and winning the 2012 Washington state high jump championship.

She did more than just the Track and Athlete program at Utah University. She also majored in communications. But who could have known that the girl’s final fate would be to die completely?

What Happened To Lauren Mccluskey?

While having a very impressive career at the University of Utah, both in her major and as a track leader and athlete, she also did a lot of great things. On October 22, 2018, Lauren’s body was found in the back of a car. This was the sad part. But now the question is: What caused her death in the end?

In October 2018, Lauren started getting strange texts from a number she didn’t recognize. She thought they were from her boyfriend Melvin Rowland and his friends. After dating for almost a month, Lauren found out that Rowland had lied to her about his name and age, which led to the end of their relationship.

Lauren thought she was dating Sean, who was 28 years old. Later, she found out that she was dating Melvin Shawn Rowland, who was 37 and a convicted sex offender. And in the texts Lauren got on her phone, she was told that she and her ex-boyfriend would be killed if she didn’t put her private photos on the internet.

She later told the Universities Police cell about the messages, but they said they didn’t have the right resources to look into the possible threat. All of this led to Lauren, who was found dead in her car after being shot.

What Did The Authorities Said To The Lauren Mccluskey’s Case?

In the Lauren Mccluskey case, the authorities were very careless and didn’t care about anything else. When Lauren continued to complain about Rowland and the text message, they told her they didn’t have enough time or money to find the message and ignored her.

The school didn’t care about protecting their student’s life, so she died.

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Even when Lauren’s dad, Matt Mccluskey, tried to call 911 after hearing her daughter scream while she was on the phone with her parents, the emergency workers didn’t care and put the line on hold while he told them what happened while talking to him.

Now that Utah University has taken strict steps to make sure students are safe on campus, Lauren’s father, Matt, is going to sue the school for being careless, which led to his daughter being shot by a criminal.

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