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What Happened To Kurt Cobain?

Do you know how did Kurt Cobain die? Yes, we’re talking about the Drain You singer who is getting a lot of attention because people think John Lennon influenced his singing style. Well, putting that aside, when people heard that Kurt Cobain had died too soon, they were shocked. It was a surprise, and many people still don’t know what caused it.

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Who Was Kurt Cobain?

To start at the beginning, Kurt Cobain was best known for starting the rock band Nirvana. He was even the lead singer and guitarist for the same band. Some of Kurt’s hit songs are Something in the Way, In Bloom, All Apologies, Stay Away, Love Buzz, Negative Creep, etc., which are still loved by millions of people around the world. If you like him, you should listen to Nevermind, his studio album.

When came Kurt Cobain’s sudden death, the accident happened when he was only 27. Oh, really? Yes. Even though it’s been a few years, some fans still can’t believe that the founder of Nirvana is no longer with us. What was wrong with him? If you want to know how Kurt Cobain died, here’s what you need to know.

Kurt Cobain’s Death:

On April 5, 1997, Kurt Cobain died at his house. The main reason for his sudden death was that he shot himself. After about three days, his body was taken away from his home in Seattle, Washington.

Another surprising thing was that the body was found by an electrician who was fixing the security system. People say that man’s name was Gary Smith.

When people talked more about what happened, they knew that Kurt Cobain was a drug addict. He reportedly mixed champagne and the drug Rohypnol and fell into a coma. After that, he was almost dead. He knew that his fans thought it was because he had taken too much heroin.

What Happened To Kurt Cobain?

People have said that Kurt Cobain tried to kill himself more than once. So, it wasn’t the first time he tried. In 1991, the person who started the band Nirvana said he didn’t believe in guns. But the police took four guns away from him.

In the meantime, Kurt Cobain chose to get help in Los Angeles. But he left without telling his family, who then hired a detective to find him.

Well, it didn’t help because he didn’t come back. What about the gun he used in the end? It is said that Kurt Cobain talked one of his friends into getting him a gun. On top of that, the singer told him he needed it to protect himself.

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When Kurt Cobain went home on that day, he left a note saying he was going to kill himself. “Better to burn out than to fade away,” it said in part. Well, that’s a lyric, in case you didn’t know. To be more specific, he got a gunshot wound to the head. Not to forget, Kurt Cobain’s drug use was also accompanied by mental illness, which was sad.

What Happened To Kurt Cobain?

Gary thought Kurt was asleep when he first saw him. But later, when the electrician found the gun pointing at his chin, he knew something wasn’t right. You didn’t know it at the time, but Kurt already had a one-year-old daughter named Frances. Losing her father at such a young age must have been sad for her.

After a thorough investigation, his body was found to have a lot of heroin and a small amount of diazepam. Even after so many years, it still makes people angry.

We hope that both Kurt’s wife and his child are healthy. No one’s life ever stops, and everyone has to move on happily.

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