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What Happened To Josh On Moonshiners?

On the show Moonshiners, what happened to Josh? Josh Owens used to be a professional motorcycle racer. When he started working on the TV show Moonshiners, he became very famous and successful. Owens comes from an interesting family. His father, Jim Tom Hedrick, was a famous moonshiner.

Owens has also won the state championship in North Carolina not once, but twice in a row, in 2003 and 2004. Even though he no longer races, he is still very interested in bikes and they are a big part of his life.

He often tells his followers about exciting things he has done or seen on social media. Owens has been a part of the hit show Moonshiners on Discovery since 2012.

In several US states, it was against the law for him to make moonshine. Authorities, on the other hand, are said to say that none of the cast’s alcohol is illegal and that if it were, they would step in and stop them.

Josh Owens worked as an auto mechanic before he became famous as a TV star. This is why he knows so much about motorcycles and cars.

Josh Owens had a construction business, believe it or not before he was a mechanic and before he was on the TV show. Let’s find out what happened on Moonshiners to Josh.

What Happened To Josh On Moonshiners?

At the Daytona International Speedway, the actor from the movie “Moonshiners” was hurt in a motorcycle accident. Fans and co-stars have shown the actor a lot of love and support because he seems to be having a hard time.

Several of Owens‘ co-stars have already said that he is doing better and getting better slowly, but that he is still not out of the woods and might need more time to fully recover. People have been praying for Owens on social media.

This is the second time Josh Owens has been in such a bad accident. In late 2021, he tore off his rotator cuff and broke his left collarbone, shoulder blade, and ribs. This terrible accident happened when the old motorcycle’s tire blew and it crashed.

What Happened To Josh On Moonshiners?

Richard Landry Gives An Update

Josh Owens’ co-star Richard Landry gave fans an update by posting a video of himself talking to a few people close to him while giving the news.

He said that he had just talked to a few people who had talked to some of Josh’s family members and told them that the actor was fine.

Tim Smith, another Moonshiners actor, also went on Twitter to give fans an update on his friend and say how thankful he is for their love, prayers, and support. Look at what Tim Smith wrote on social media below.

Richard Landry also said that he was told that Josh Owens broke his leg in the accident and that it feels like a hangnail to him. Landry asked fans to keep praying for the actor, who is still having trouble and isn’t out of the woods yet but is doing better.

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Who is Josh Owens’ Wife?

Josh Owens has kept his personal life out of the spotlight, so no one knows if he is married or not. However, he did post a picture of himself and his girlfriend, Amber Lyne Gabric, on Twitter and wrote that they had come to see his girlfriend’s grandmother.

But Josh Owens has a girl who is very important to him. Owens has talked about having a daughter, saying that it changed his life forever and that he loves his daughter so much and can’t believe she is already 12 years old. While writing this on his daughter’s birthday post, he also said that she is his favorite person.

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