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What Happened To Jason Derulo? Where Did He Go?

Where did Jason Derulo go? Jason Derulo is a well-known singer and songwriter who has been making a name for himself in the music business for a while.

The artist has sold over 250 million singles around the world and has eleven platinum singles, including Talk Dirty, Ridin Solo, In My Head, and Wiggle.

Jason Derulo is known for his upbeat dance songs, but he is back with a brand new song called “Saturday/Sunday” that he made with David Guetta.

The singer will sing “Saturday/Sunday” live at the much-anticipated third annual NFL TikTok Tailgate right before Super Bowl LVII. As they talked about the new single.

David Guetta said that it feels great to have this collaboration track out, which is a song he really likes and thinks is a banger.

He also said that he is really glad to be working with Jason again. Find out what went wrong with Jason Derulo.

What Happened to Jason Derulo?

Jason Derulo may have hurt himself when he and some friends played basketball earlier this month.

The singer is said to have torn a ligament in her leg. It was also said that the singer hurt himself when he jumped for the ball and landed on the foot of another player.

The singer of “Wiggle” has decided over and over again not to have surgery so close to Super Bowl Sunday. Instead, he has gotten stem cell injections, which should help him get better faster.

The artist is also trying to get better faster by going to physical therapy every day. Fans have been wishing Derulo a quick recovery, and paparazzi recently saw him walking with a cane.


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Jason Derulo Makes A Big Announcement!

The singer of “Whatcha Say” has some big news to share. He has confirmed that he will be back for the TikTok Tailgate before the game. Jason Derulo is a well-known person on Tiktok. He has 57 million followers on the app, which is a lot.

“Swalla” (with Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign) is one of Derulo’s songs that is popular on the platform. More than 5.2 million videos have used the song.

Black Keys, a rock band with 20,000 TikTok followers, will also play at the event. Look at the tweet below.

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The Black Keys will also be there, along with Derulo. The Black Keys have confirmed that they will be playing at the TikTok Tailgate party.

They have also said that they are honored and excited that the NFL has asked them to be a part of the Super Bowl celebrations.

They also said that as football fans for a long time, they couldn’t think of a better way to start Super Bowl Sunday.

Who Is Jason Derulo Dating?

No one knows who Jason Derulo is dating right now, but the singer of “It Girl” was once with Jena Frumes.

They had a child together as well. But the relationship didn’t last long because the two broke up, and then there were accusations of cheating!


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Frumes once tried to respond to a mean comment that said it is better to be single than to be in a relationship where you are treated badly, cheated on, and lied to all the time.

Fans quickly pointed out that she was talking about Jason Derulo, who used to be her boyfriend. Frames also wrote on her Instagram story that knowing she is the only one going through this is the worst heartbreak and failure of her life.

The two broke up in 2021. Jason Derulo confirmed the split on Twitter, saying that she was an amazing mother, but they felt that being apart at this time would help them be the best versions of themselves and the best parents they could be.

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