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What Happened to George on Impaulsive?

Find out what happened to George on Logan Paul’s famous podcast Impaulsive in this detailed guide. You can also find out if George is still a regular on Impaulsive or not.

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George Janko: Impaulsive

The Impaulsive show is run by Logan Paul and Mike Majlak, and George Janko is a host and a guest on it often. The show talks about a wide range of things, from pop culture to current events to personal stories. Janko has known Logan Paul for a long time and has been on a lot of shows of Impaulsive.

But Paul’s comments about Janko’s religion have strained their friendship in the past. Janko has kept listening to the show, and he has also started his own podcast where he talks about his own ideas and thoughts.

Fans like what Janko has done for Impaulsive, and his appearances on the show have helped make it a popular and successful podcast.

What Happened to George on Impaulsive?

What Happened to George on Impaulsive?

People say that the Impaulsive show host, George Janko, and his co-hosts, Logan Paul and Mike Majlak, are fighting because Janko stopped following them on Instagram.

This is because Paul said hurtful things about Janko during a podcast show, which made fans upset. Janko told Paul that what he said hurt and upset him, and Paul later said he was wrong and apologized.

Fans have been wondering about Janko’s friendship with Paul and Majlak after he posted a mysterious tweet on Twitter.

Some fans talked about how much they liked Janko, while others said that Paul and Majlak were rude to their co-host. Janko’s leaving the podcast has made some listeners feel like it’s not the same without him.

Is George Janko Still on Impaulsive?

George Janko may or may not still be on Impaulsive. Janko said in January that he hadn’t left the show even though he had started his own. Since then, he has stopped following Logan Paul and Mike Majlak on Instagram, which has led to rumors that they are fighting.

What Happened to George on Impaulsive?

Janko’s recent cryptic tweet has also made people wonder what’s going on with him and the show. As of right now, no one has made a public statement about whether or not Janko will keep working with Impaulsive.

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After Logan Paul said hurtful things about George Janko’s religion on the Impaulsive podcast, Janko announced that he would be starting his own program.

He did, however, make it clear that he had no plans to leave Impaulsive. Instead, he planned to use his own show to share his own ideas and talk about things that interested him.

This move could have been seen as a way for Janko to keep in touch with Paul and Majlak while also having the freedom to explore his own hobbies and ideas in his own podcast.

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