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What Happened To Eric B. And Rakim? The Story of the Legendary Hip-Hop Duo

What Happened To Eric B. And Rakim? It’s possible that Eric B. & Rakim is one of the most important hip-hop acts of all time. Duet became famous in the 1980s with the album “Paid In Full.” The record made the group famous and went on to be number 8 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Best Selling Albums says that “Paid In Full” sold over one million copies.

Eric B. & Rakim’s second record came out in 1988, and they later became famous in mainstream music. On the song “Friends,” which got to number nine on the Billboard Hot 100, they worked with pop star Jody Watley.

The group put out two more records, “Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em” in 1990 and “Don’t Sweat the Technique” in 1991, but they broke up soon after. Rakim talked about how the group broke up in an interview with NPR. He said that jealousy was the main reason things went wrong.

Some fans still want to know where Eric B. & Rakim are and if the group will ever get back together to make another record. Here’s what we know about Eric and Rakim, the hip-hop duo’s future.

Eric B. Now Runs a Number of Restaurants, but He’s Been in Trouble With the Law Before

After Eric B. & Rakim broke up, Eric put out a record by himself called “Eric B.” The record, however, didn’t make a big splash, and Eric soon stopped rapping.

Erik has been a consultant for the Source Awards ever since, and he now owns the list of places. In an interview with Unkut in 2009, he said that he started the restaurants to help support his family since they are usually the ones who have to run the franchise locations.

What Happened To Eric B. And Rakim?

Part of the Soul’d Out Music Festival, Eric B of Eric B and Rakim plays on stage at Roseland.

Erik said, “I got a bunch of them.” “This is what I do: I set them up and give them to the kids.” Thus, I give them to my children, the children of my brother, and the children of a friend, and they run it.”

Since he broke up with Rakim, Eric has also had to deal with a legal problem. Rolling Stone says that the hip-hop pioneer was caught in 2019 for a crime that happened decades ago. Erik was pulled over by police in 2001 for driving without a license plate, but he tried to get away.

During the episode, an officer was hurt, and Eric was told to pay a $5,000 fine. There was a bench warrant out for Eric’s arrest because he did not show up in person for the meeting. After being arrested in 2019, Eric didn’t go to jail but was given a year of probation instead.

Rakim Has a Solo Record in the Top Ten

After Eric. B. & Rakim ended, and Rakim had more success. “The 18th Letter,” his first album by himself, came out in 1997 and reached Number 4 on the Billboard 200.

Rakim kept making music even though his next album didn’t do as well. He worked with Maino and IQ on his third solo album, “The Seventh Seal,” which came out in 2009.

Even though Eric hasn’t joined Rakim in the studio yet, the two got back together in June to celebrate hip-hop’s 50th anniversary. They were the first hip-hop group to play at the famous Stone Pony music hall in New Jersey.



Eric B. and Rakim, a renowned hip-hop duo, gained fame in the 1980s with their album “Paid In Full.” They later released two more records, “Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em” and “Don’t Sweat the Technique.” However, they broke up soon after, with Rakim citing jealousy as the main reason.

Eric now runs restaurants and has faced legal issues, including a $5,000 fine and a year of probation. Rakim’s first solo album, “The 18th Letter,” reached number four on the Billboard 200.

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