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What Happened To Andrea Yates?

When the story of a mother who killed her five children got out, everyone was shocked. It was a very sad crime that shocked the whole world in the early 2000s.

Yes, Andrea Yates is the mother who did this crazy crime. Even now, she is still alive, but what is she doing? Exactly where is she now? what was wrong with her? Who did she hurt by doing this awful thing? who she is really?

This article will cover every detail and piece of information that makes people have a tonne of questions.

Crimes happen almost every hour, but this crazy crime, in which a mother killed not one, not two, but five children, is so disgusting that other mothers will think twice before doing something like this.

This crime shocked not only the whole world but also the jurors and the lawyers who were there to present the case and defend it. They couldn’t believe how crazy Andreas was to kill her five innocent children.

Let’s look at this article to learn more about what happened and what Andres is doing now.

Who Is Andrea Yates?

Andrea Yates is an American woman from Houston, Texas. She may not be known to anyone today, but in the 2000s, she was a huge star for all the wrong reasons because of a crime she committed.

She said that on June 20, 2001, she killed her five children by drowning them one by one in the bathtub.

But despite this shameful thing she did, she was brought to trial, where it was also revealed that she was suffering from severe postpartum, depression, and postpartum psychosis, which affected her mental health and led to her killing her five children.

Andreas is originally from Houston, Texas. She has a degree in nursing and has worked as a registered nurse at a Houston hospital. However, after she had her babies, she started to overdose and take pills, which led to her depression and other mental health problems.

What happened To Andrea Yates?

Andrea Yates is both the mother and the criminal who killed her five children. She got to the point where she killed her children when she was 17 and was depressed and talked to her friends about killing herself.

It is also known that she killed herself. She used to take pills to help her deal with her depression, but that could have had a big impact on her, and no one would have thought that would lead to her killing someone.

When her husband, an engineer named Rusty Yates, went to work for the first time, she began her plan to drown her children one by one.

Dr. Saeed was treating her mental health problems, and he told his husband Rusty not to leave her alone. Unfortunately, when he went to work and left Andrea alone with her kids, she started drowning them one by one.

But after this happened, she called her husband right away. This brought her to court, where she had to go through multiple trials. Some people defended her and said that her mental health was the problem, while others criticized her and said she should get life in prison for the shameful thing she did.

So, the prosecutors and defense lawyers for the state of Texas said that she was mentally ill and needed mental health care. This was one of the crazy reasons why she killed her children.

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What Is Andre Yates Doing Now?

So far, Andre Yates is not dead, as many people thought she was. She is still in prison and getting help for her mental health, and sources say she is living a good and better life.

Sources say that she also knits and makes things for children that she sells to raise money for the Children’s Foundation in the prison and hospital.

In her personal life, her ex-husband Rusty filed for and got divorced in 2005.

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