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What Does the “Butter, Fly, Butterfly” Trending Emoji Challenge on Tiktok Mean?

The viral challenge on TikTok, in which users try to use a viral filter to arrange three accessible emoticons in the correct order (specifically, “butter, fly,” and “butterfly”), was a huge hit with users.

When it comes to staying abreast of the most recent viral trends on the Internet, the platform TikTok is your best bet. On a continuous basis, fresh video is uploaded to the network, and it quickly becomes quite popular.

One feature that a lot of users really enjoy is calls, and the most recent one that went viral on the app employs a filter that was created by janmahavan and is dubbed “TapTap BFB.”

Because of this impact, users are able to tap anywhere on the screen to make emoticons, such as butter emoticons, fly emoticons, or butterfly emoticons, depending on where they clicked.

Users have given themselves the challenge of trying to acquire the order: butter, a fly, and then a butterfly. Since emoticons come in a random order, and you never know which one will appear next, users have set themselves the chore of trying to get the order.

The majority of people elected to complete this assignment in teams of two, taking turns passing the phone to one another in an effort to determine the correct order. They continue doing this until someone “wins” the game by passing the phone to the next person in line in the event that they get the incorrect emoji.

Videos uploaded by users of the app demonstrating their efforts to find a solution to this issue have become extremely popular, collecting millions of likes and views.

TikTok users have been using the app’s new voice filters, which give the impression that the user has a different voice and have given rise to a number of trends in and of themselves, in order to add an additional layer of fun to their videos.

One of the commentators remarked in reaction to a video displaying the trend, “I’ve never laughed like that, omg,” indicating that they had never laughed quite like that before. Another person commented that the LMAO voice change made it a lot better.

This trend has already garnered millions of views, and each day, an increasing number of users are joining in as the work continues to make its way through the pages for you.

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