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What Does Crop Dust Mean on Tiktok: What Does It Mean to Crop Dusting?

New jargon is always emerging on social media sites like TikTok. Users always come up with new methods of communication with one another in order to convey their messages more clearly. FYP, OOMF, and shadowbanned are perhaps some of the more intriguing acronyms and terms you’ll see in TikTok terminology on your phone.

Being shadowbanned means TikTok is preventing your videos from appearing in other people’s searches because you’ve violated one or more of the community guidelines.

FYP stands for “for you page,” OOMF for “one of my followers,” and OOMF for “one of my followers” What it means to “need a crop” is one of the most recent queries that users on the app have. What you need to know is as follows.

What Does Crop Dust Mean on Tiktok


Confusion over what it means to need a crop on the social media platform is evident in a Reddit thread of confused TikTokers. I’ve seen comments like this, but I have no idea what they mean. Now, someone has commented on my meme video, but I’m afraid to ask him because I’ll come off as naive.”

It means they want you to post the meme without anything blocking it so they can screenshot it, another Redditor on the thread responded. In other words, if someone comments on your TikTok video about “needing a crop,” they are merely requesting that you repost your content without any words, hashtags, symbols, or captions in front of the main topic of your video.

What Does Crop Dust Mean on Tiktok

Avoid including anything that might block the viewer’s ability to see the interesting details in the bottom left-hand corner of a meme if you’re posting one. If not, you can get a “we need crop” message “remark from an unidentified stranger.

Another user on the Reddit thread questioned, “Can anyone explain to me why I have been seeing this more lately regarding crop comments on TikTok?” A different Redditor replied, “[I don’t know.] Although it’s been a thing forever, do you think more people are saying it now? Lol.”

It makes sense to dig deeper into the truth behind the motivation since these comments are now appearing on everyone’s TikTok videos more frequently than ever.

Could There Be Bnother Reason”We need crop” is circulating?

Users on TikTok might also quickly point out that a video doesn’t need to be as long as it is by commenting on TikTok videos with the phrase “we need crop.”
For instance, some TikTokers get irritated when they see a video that’s supposed to be a clothing haul but the guy or the girl spends the first half of the video talking about brands, clothing trends, and their personal fashion sense instead of immediately trying on their outfits.

When a video like that receives a “we need crop” comment, the user probably just wants the extra talking removed so they can concentrate on the clothing haul.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean to Crop Dusting?

The use of dusts that kill fungi or insects to treat crops, especially from an airplane.
What Does I Crop Dust at Whole Foods Mean?
I dust my crops at Whole Foods, baby. “What it’s all about.” (Crop dusting is when you fart in public and keep moving without getting caught.) The video got 3.3 million views, but it didn’t become a trend until February 21, when @jacobsutherland added backing instrumentals.
What Does the Slang Crop Mean?
When someone comments “crop” on a video, it means they want the user to reupload the video so that nothing else on the page covers it up (e.g. like button, search bar, caption). Most of the time, you’ll see these comments on photos of celebrities or edited memes.
What does it mean to “need a crop” on TikTok? Users are confused as to what the social media platform means. FYP, OOMF, and shadowbanned are some of the more intriguing acronyms you’ll see in TikTok terminology. “We need crop” is a popular phrase on the video-sharing site TikTok.
Users comment on videos with the phrase “crop” when they want the video’s length cut down. Crop dusting is when you fart in public and keep moving without getting caught.

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