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What Does “Bms” Mean on Tiktok?

What Does "Bms" Mean on Tiktok?

The Internet is rife with unfamiliar lingo that may appear completely ridiculous to those who are not “in the know.” And being “in the know” does not even need knowing the meaning of each individual word in an acronym. Take “cap” as an example of a suitable alternative for “lying.”

People transformed “no cap” into “no lie” after Future and Young Thug sung about their future levels of success having “no ceiling.” While “cap” is quite common and well-known at this point, what about “BMS”? What exactly does this signify on TikTok?

What Does “Bms” Mean on Tiktok?

The literal translation is “broke my scale.” No, it does not refer to a person’s weight. It relates directly to the “scale” or ranking system of others’ attractiveness that so many people employ. Essentially, it is the highest compliment a person can receive.

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People type “BMS” on TikTok posts of people they find attractive, handsome, sexy, etc. to signify that the person’s unquestionable beauty has permanently destroyed their “scale” of attractiveness. Therefore, if someone comments “BMS” on one of your selfies, you may assume they believe you’re the best.

Speaking of Bms on Tiktok: Do Men and Women Typically Have Different “Scales”?

In a study published by Wake Forest University in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology on June 27, 2009, researchers discovered that men appear to have a greater consensus when deciding whether someone is “hot or not.”

According to Science Daily “Men concur significantly more than women regarding the attractiveness and unattractiveness of particular individuals. This study demonstrates that the degree to which men agree on which women are attractive and vice versa can be quantified.”

Four thousand participants were shown photographs of various individuals as part of the study. On a scale ranging from 1 to 10, they were asked to rate their own attractiveness.

Probably the most impressive aspect of the study is that researchers were compensated for a whispered conversation more than a few dudes have had while lurking in a noisy bar.

The study’s results indicated, “Men’s evaluations of women’s attractiveness were primarily based on their physical characteristics, and they rated thin and seductive women highly. The majority of men in the study rated as more attractive photographs of women who appeared confident.”

Women’s judgments of men they found attractive were significantly more variable “As a group, the women evaluating men favored lean, muscular subjects, but their opinions on the attractiveness of the majority of men in the study varied. Some women assigned high attractiveness ratings to guys whom other women deemed unattractive.”

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