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Were-butts Return in the Season 4 Doom Patrol Trailer.

The highly praised television show Doom Patrol has released a trailer for the upcoming fourth season, which reveals, among other things, the return of the bizarre Were-butts. In the month of December, the release of the DC Comics show’s fourth season is anticipated. Characters went through significant development over Season 3, Madam Rouge became a member of the Doom Patrol, and the group at last began to function as a genuine superhero team.

The third season of this peculiar show managed to make things even crazier than they were in previous seasons. The Were-butt animals from the episode “Cyborg Patrol” from season 1 episode 12 of Doom Patrol, which saw the main superteam helping the Were-butt creatures escape from the Bureau of Normalcy’s Ant Farm, made a cameo appearance in season 3 of Doom Patrol.

During the rampage, the Were-butts attacked Bureau member Darren Jones, who had previously appeared in the episode “Undead Patrol” from season 3 in an attempt to get revenge on the Doom Patrol. Jones was swiftly put to death, but one of the undead Were-butts managed to flee and was not seen again for the remainder of season 3.

The Were-butts have not been seen for a whole year, but the teaser for the upcoming season 4 of Doom Patrol reveals that they, along with the rest of the crew, will be returning. The opening of the story appears to provide some insight into the origin of the shape-shifting beings. After that, there are some sequences showing the entire crew engaged in some sort of activity, followed by the debut of several more individuals.

How the Were-butts Come Back in Season 4 of Doom Patrol

The first scene of the Doom Patrol season 4 trailer is the longest scene of the newly released film, which otherwise consists primarily of shorter pieces in the form of trailers. The mere existence of this information raises the possibility that the Were-butts will play a more significant part in season 4 than they did in prior seasons, in which they served mostly as comedic foes that the Doom Patrol quickly dispatched.

Additionally, the introduction provides some insight into the origin of the Were-butts. The footage seems to prove that the Bureau of Normalcy was correct when they said that they conceived of something they could breed as a “weaponized force of nature.” However, in contrast to how they appeared previously, the Were-butts in the trailer sing, which indicates that something must have changed in the time since they were created.

The Doom Patrol engages in battle against the Were-butts in later segments of the teaser. These Were-butts may have descended from the zombie Were-butt that was still alive at the end of season 3. It will be fascinating to find out where they originated and how significant they are in season 4, which does not yet have a primary antagonist.

In spite of the fact that the trailer for Doom Patrol season 4 introduces new characters such as Codpiece and Casey Brinke, there is no indication of a major antagonist such as Mr. Nobody or The Brain. When the fourth season of Doom Patrol premieres on December 8, it’s possible that the team will have to resort to extreme means in order to fight off the Were-butts. This is due to changes on the team, such as Vic’s missing cybernetics and Jane’s new main personality.

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