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Virtual Staging 101: How To Fill Up Empty Spaces in Your Property

Are you planning to sell your home soon? Well, you definitely need virtual staging to make a quick sale. You can learn more about this innovative selling strategy in this article. Since time immemorial, real estate agents have been using traditional staging to sell homes. This means beautifying the property with additional furniture and decor embellishments to make it more enticing for the buyers. 

However, traditional staging can be time-consuming and costly since you need to buy, rent, or borrow all the materials. In contrast, virtual or digital staging proves more economical and efficient because you can make changes with the help of software. For example, a digital designer can add elements to vacant spaces or even renovate an old design. Here’s how you can use virtual staging to fill up empty spaces in your property. These amazing ideas can transform your home, increase appeal, boost value, and ensure a quick sale. Let’s get started!

Use Potted Plants Strategically to Fill Up Lonely Corners

With digital staging, you can use your imagination and creativity to reinvent an empty space in your house. Take inspiration for your project from the great outdoors. You can immediately fill space with potted plants. Use different pot designs from the virtual library to make it more attractive. 

Alternatively, you can use tall plants to fill the vertical height. It will truly work wonders in drawing eyes to a lonely corner. Plants prove very effective because:

  • The human eyes naturally gravitate towards natural objects. 
  • It brings a refreshing outdoor vibe into your interiors. 
  • Green offers a soothing sensation and elicits calming feelings.
  • Everything just looks more presentable with greenery. 
  • The space feels more homey and welcoming. 

Re-Design the Walls for a Fresh Look

It may feel cumbersome to take on this project just before your big move. However, with digital staging, you can change any wall with the click of a mouse. You get the benefits without the added hassles, stress, and expense. Changing the walls will provide your prospective buyers with a chance to see the different potentials of a room. With the aid of software, you can try the following:

  • Play around with different wallpapers. 
  • Go with two-tone color. 
  • Put different painted patterned accents to create textures on the walls. 
  • Refresh pain to take out stains. 

When you change the color of the walls, you create a cozier feeling for your vacant room. In addition, it helps trick the eyes into believing that the ceiling is lower than it actually is. As a result, you people looking at the picture get a comforting vibe. 

Add Wall Accents to Make a Statement

After changing the color of the walls, you can coordinate the corresponding color accents. Work with your digital staging specialist to find the best look that fits your wall and overall theme design. Keep in mind; you must fill up dead wall space as letting it go bare won’t allow you to optimize the room’s potential. 

Remember, virtual staging works for both empty properties and lived-in homes. All you have to do is take a picture and watch as a digital architect weaves a magical wand. With software, you can add the following wall accents from a digital library and make it look all-natural:

  • Mosaics
  • Paintings
  • Collages 
  • 3-Dimensional Artworks
  • Embroidery or Tapestry Frames
  • Murals 

Besides, when you work with a large space, you can create a cozy atmosphere by pulling furniture off the walls and bringing them closer into the center. Just don’t forget to work with bare wall space to ensure nothing looks and feels vacant. 

Swap Dated Furniture for Modern Ones

Outdated furniture can make any room feel uninviting. Thus, it would help to ask your digital staging specialist to virtually erase your furniture to give the room a more modern upgrade. For example, choose stylish, modern furniture from the software library instead of using your dated sofa with sparse material that makes the room look shabby and empty. Of course, this is always updated, so you’re bound to find one that suits your theme. 

For example, fill up the room by choosing a classy, upholstered ottoman instead of a traditional coffee table. You can also try using a daybed to mark the separation between two zones of our house without making things look cramped. Alternatively, you can use a large sectional L-shaped sofa to fill up an empty space. This addition exemplifies modern comfort at its finest. Moreover, you can play around with different furniture designs to find the right mix. Remember, balance is key, so don’t go overboard!

Create a Cozy Space Within a Larger Room

Another approach to give a cozier vibe to a big room is to create a small space within the bigger room. For example, in very large living rooms designed for entertaining, the vast amounts of space can be overwhelming. Since people don’t host parties all the time, you can ask your digital staging artist to create a cozy nook. This will show the prospective buyer of your house that the large space has a lot of potential.

This move aligns with the goals of virtual staging, which is to ensure the buyers can envision themselves in the property. Once you accomplish this, it would be very easy for them to make an offer for the house. When a property doesn’t resonate with your clients, they will move on in search of better ones. 

Use Window Treatments to Create Volume

Finally, don’t forget the windows. People tend to overlook this design aspect, which is rather unfortunate because windows take up a lot of square footage in the home. If you utilize virtual staging in the various rooms of your property, don’t forget to give the windows a fresh new look. Aside from asking the artist to polish the windows themselves, don’t forget to work on curtains, blinds, or shades, as these elements add volume to any room. 

Keep in mind; the right window treatment can influence the overall vibe of the space, so don’t forget to give this the update it deserves. With digital staging at your disposal, you can breathe life into any empty space or refresh a dated one. Just take inspiration from different style guides and ask your digital artist to render the updates so you can sell the property ASAP.

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