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Video: Amad Diallo’s Millwall Masterclass Proves Manchester United’s Capabilities

Amadou Diallo, a tenant at Manchester United, could be offered the chance to play in the first team under the direction of Eric ten Haga.

The Ivorian footballer, who is presently playing on loan for Sunderland, has seen his time with the Black Cats become increasingly more successful as it has progressed.

Diallo is quickly becoming a fan favourite at the Stadium of Light, and Sunderland manager Tony Mowbray has not been bashful about expressing his enthusiasm for the player.

Diallo recently displayed an outstanding effort when playing against Millwall, capping it off with a magnificent goal.

The young player, who is only 20 years old, has already proved his skill, particularly on the right wing, which is his preferred position and where he has had a great deal of success.

Diallo had an outstanding performance with his feet and attacked in the opponent’s penalty area during the game that was played against Millwall.

Even from the perspective of providing protection, the young man did a good job carrying out his responsibilities. He would come back whenever it was necessary, and his grappling and duelling were always quite forceful.

At Old Trafford, Diallo was criticised for this same reason; he appeared to lack the level of fitness that is required to compete at the highest level in England.

But probably the most amazing aspect of Diallo’s outing against Millwall was his incredible ability to control the ball. Millwall was Diallo’s opponent in this match.

Everyone could see his technical ability in the way he handled the ball and how he linked with his teammates during the game. His ability to do so was impressive.

Diallo has reasons to be more involved in the senior team and become a more visible member of the team. These reasons are based on the difficulties that United has experienced in attack and the lack of depth on the right flank, which is the position that Anthony plays.

He has more than enough ability to take Anthony’s place and can even hold his own against him. At this point, his performances that are being held on loan speak for themselves. I really hope that Ten Hag and the rest of his coaching team will give him the opportunity to show what he can do while wearing a United shirt.

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