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US Presidential Election: Trump Claims Fraud in the Counting of Votes by Claiming Victory

Republican candidate Donald Trump has claimed his victory in the US presidential election even before the counting of votes in all US states.

Addressing his supporters at the White House on Tuesday night, he accused Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden of cheating and also announced to go to the Supreme Court to immediately stop counting votes by mail.

Trump said – He cheated the American people, we will not let this happen

Trump said in his address, “We were winning in many states and we were about to announce that it was a hoax. A hoax with the American people. We will not let this happen. We will stop all voting (counting) Want … so we are going to the Supreme Court and will ensure that no ballot is mysteriously found at 4 am and not included in their calculations. It is shameful for America. ”

They knew they would not win this election- Trump

Accusing Biden of deception, Trump said, “They knew they wouldn’t win, so they said let’s go to court. We were winning this election, rather we won this election. Our goal is for the good of the country.” Integrity has to be ensured. We want the laws to be used in a fairway.

So we will go to the Supreme Court … A group of unhappy people wants to snatch away the right to vote of our supporters. ”

Why does Trump want to stop counting Votto by post?

This time due to the coronavirus epidemic, millions of Americans have cast their votes via post and the number of such votes is more than 100 million. It is estimated that a large number of Democratic Party votes are in these votes and that is why Trump wants to stop counting them.

In addition, in states such as the most important Pennsylvania, mail votes sent on time are accepted until the counting of votes continues, and Trump also objected.

Trump claimed victory in important states

Trump also claimed victory in almost all important states in his speech. “We are winning all the states where the counting of votes is going on and that is also a big difference. We do not even need all of them, but still, we are winning,” he said.

He also claimed wins in Florida and Texas as well as Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Georgia.

Competition is tough in these states

However, contrary to Trump’s claim, he is not yet winning in these important states and there is still a large number of votes counted here.

Pennsylvania currently has a count of about 1 million votes, although trumps are still ahead. At the same time, trumps are also running in Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Georgia. Biden hopes that the postal vote can tilt the pan.

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