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Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Storyline, Release Date and More!!

Un Extrano Enemigo is a Spanish political thriller web series that is also called An Unknown Enemy. It is a play that is meant to spread propaganda. The show talks about what led up to the 1968 student massacre and how it was covered. Commander Fernando Barrientos, who is in charge of a secret intelligence service, tells the story from his point of view.

The main character is based on Fernando Gutierrez Barrios, who in real life was the head of the well-known DFS intelligence service. It shows the political maneuverings that led to the start of censoring and harsh treatment of students at the end of the 1960s.

Marco Polo Constandse, Leopoldo Gómez, Eduardo Cl Emesha, Avelino Rodrguez, Jose Nacif, Gabriel Ripstein, and Emilio Azcarraga Jean are the show’s executive producers.

The first season of the show, which has eight shows, started on Amazon Prime Video on October 2, 2018, and the second season is already in the works.

The reactions to the show were mixed, but the photography was praised. But the way the student riots were shown was criticized because the show focused more on a government plot and messed up the events, which made it PRI propaganda.

Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Release Date

The first season of the show started on Amazon Prime Video on October 2, 2018. It has eight episodes. The show’s creators renewed it for a second season on November 9, 2018, but not for a third season. After the second season of the show airs, the creators may decide to make more episodes.

Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3

Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Storyline

The people who make Un Extrano Enemigo haven’t said anything yet about what will happen in Season 3. In the meantime, we can’t say much because it’s one of the few shows for which the Internet doesn’t have the most important story points.

It’s important to note that the show has talked about every aspect of the 1968 student killing, which will be remembered for a long time. The best thing about the show is that the main character is based on a real person.

Fernando Gutierrez Barrios is the head of the well-known DFS Intelligence Agency, and he is the inspiration for the main character. The show has looked at history instead of just making stuff up, and there have been events and facts about the killing that none of us knew before.

In the last two seasons, the show may have gone into some of the secret details of the event. In the next season, the show may go into a few more details.

These kinds of shows have shown that it’s not just English shows that can make people love them; shows in other languages can do the same. It is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video, which has had the best shows over the past few years and kept them going for more than one season.

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Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Cast

So far, the show has only been picked up for a second season. If the show is picked up for a third season in the future, we can expect to see everyone from the second season.

Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3

The cast of Un Extrano Enemigo includes Daniel Giménez Cacho, Antonio de la Vega, Karina Gidi, Andrés Delgado, Fernando Becerril, Alejandro Arean, Emilio Guerrero, Javier Díaz Dueñas, Arturo Echeverría, Suzanne Aguilera, Alejandro Cuétara, Jero Medina, Paris Roa, Juan Carlos Vives, Roberto Duarte, Kristyan Ferrer, Alex Cox, Enrique Arrizon, Hernan Del Riego, Luis Curiel, Javier Díaz Dueñas, Luis Anza, Fernando Bonilla, and many more are there.

Some new stars joining the series include Miguel Gutiérrez, Flavio Colin, Aarón Aguilar, Dario Figueroa, Luis Loría, Rodrigo Mendoza, Carmen Cruz Mancilla, Omar Sorroza, David Guevara Perez, Alberto Domínguez, Alberto Acosta, Gabriel Garcia Ruiz, René Ávila, Ivan Zambrano, Rodrigo Valencia Hernandez, Tsaya Esquivel, Mario Escalante, Andrea Jimenez, Oscar Becerra Ramos, and many more are there.

Where to Watch Un Extrano Enemigo Season 3 Online?

If there is a third season of Un Extrano Enemigo, it will be available on Amazon Prime Video just like the first and second seasons.

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