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Uma Musume Season 3 Release Date Update! What’s New In Latest Version?

Uma Musume Season 3 Release Date: The most recent seasons of Uma Musume Pretty Derby have been really fascinating, therefore fans have been excited and eagerly waiting for the upcoming seasons to be released. In this post, you will get to know about recent updates about this wonderful game.

Find out when the next season of Uma Musume will release, where you can play this game online, who casts it, and anything else you need to know about the game in this comprehensive guide. Now, this is the time to examine this manual.

All About Uma Musume Season 3 

Uma Musume Derby Pretty is a Japanese mobile game for iOS and Android that was launched in late 2018 by “Cygames” and Studio Kai is producing it. Firstly, Uma Musume’s pretty story starts about five years ago in 2016 when the game first announced the project with an animated promo video. This game is developed to create a new and engaging mobile gaming experience, it’s working concept involved an amalgamation of idol management and horse racing.

uma musume season 3 release date

In 2017, Uma Musume’s first gameplay teaser seemed to signal that things were progressing as planned, unlike the animated promo video. The gameplay teaser gave players their first look at some of their core features like competing in races, character training, and idol performances which horse girls would participate in after a big win.

A few months later in July 2017, a similar trailer was launched in which additional playable characters were released and “Cygames” was sure to release its first season in 2018 and its second season in 2021.

Now, many players are eager to learn Uma Musume Season 3 will premiere after enjoying the most recent episode. If you want to know when it will be available, read on.

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Recap of Season 1 & Season 2

The first season’s main character Special Week is a high school horse girl from the countryside, who has just transferred to Tracen. She’s determined to fulfill her promise to her mother to become the best horse girl in Japan. On her way to school, she visits the race track and instantly falls in love with Silence Suzuka’s style, becoming determined to race on the same team as her.

The second season’s protagonist Tokai Teio is the main character and draws focus to other side characters such as Mejiro Mcqueen, Rice Shower, and Mihono Bourbon. Like the horse she is based upon, she suffers multiple injuries and struggles to remain one of the best racers.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Characters

Characters Voiced By
Special Week Azumi Waki
Tōkai Teiō Machico
Silence Suzuka Marika Kōno
Mejiro Ryan Afumi Hashi
Seiun Sky Akari Kitō
Vodka Ayaka Ohashi
Symboli Rudolph Azusa Tadokoro
 Queen Berry Chinatsu Akasaki
Daiwa Scarlet Chisa Kimura
Inari One Haruno Inoue
Mejiro Dober Hikari Kubota
Gold Ship Hitomi Ueda
 King Halo Iori Saeki
Super Creek Kana Yūki
Trainer Kōji Okino
Maruzensky Lynn
Hana Tōjō Megumi Toyoguchi
El Condor Pasa Minami Takahashi
Air Groove Ruriko Aoki

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Uma Musume Season 3 Release Date

Seasons Release Date
Uma Musume Season 1 2nd April 2018
Uma Musume Season 2 5th January 2021
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby- Road to the Top April 2023.

Uma Musume Season 3 Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the type of Uma Musume game?

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is a multiplayer cinematic camera and side-view racing, simulation, and sports game which was first released on 24, February 2021 for Android and iOS. In addition, the PC port was released on March 10, 2021.

Who is the fastest in the game?

In Uma Musume, Taiki Shuttle is a supporting character in Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. She is well known as the fastest short-distance horse girl in Japan.

What does Uma Musume mean in English?

It is the most frequently searched keyword on the Internet. So, Uma Musume (ウマ娘, horse girls) is named after the racehorses of a different world. Many young women have the biggest dream to participate in the Twinkle series, run alongside Japan’s fastest, and come on the winner’s stage. In this game, Special Week is one such horse girl.

How can Android users play Uma Musume?

The easiest way to play the game is to install an Android emulator on your PC like Bluestack, and then install QooApp on it. Once you’ve downloaded QooApp, simply search for Uma Musume and install it. This is a better solution for those who don’t use smartphones.

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