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Twitter may soon enable log in using connected Google accounts

twitter login with google account

The Twitter microblogging site enables you to register with your account via a Google Account connected.

As app investigator Jane Wong discovers, Twitter is investigating how to integrate Google Account, 9To5Google reported.

Google has offered applications for years to allow their users to register or log in on their Google Account simply by saving time to fill out basic information like your name, email address, or to pick a password.

The Twitter website sign-in screenshot of the enabled feature shows “Register,” “Log in” and a third option, “Continue Google.” “Continue Google”

You’ll probably be able to link your Google accounts to an existing Twitter account, create a new Twitter account, or log in to your Twitter account if you have already associated it with your Google Account. This button will help you to add your Google account.

The report shows that ups and downs are required to sign up via a service such as Sign In with Google.

On the plus side, just remember one password and faster is more convenient.

If however, an attacker would also be able to access your Twitter account if the Google accounts are compromised in any way. Or, you wouldn’t be able to go to Twitter if your account was ever banned, the report said.

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